Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress Review


Almost every RV sold today comes with some of the cheapest mattresses I’ve ever seen. This includes both RV’s I have owned. If yours came with a good one, that’s awesome. For the rest of us, we get to sleep on plywood…lol.

The first RV I owned, I was more or less a weekend warrior. I would go to the local parks and spend a weekend or maybe even a week and that would be it. Twice a year I went to another park either upstate (an approx 4-6 hour ride from where I lived) or a neighboring state (also approx 4-6 hour ride). I just was not concerned with the mattress.

Fast Forward a Few Years

Fast forward a few years. When we first bought this RV, we spent the first year part-time. We are now full time. I can’t believe we actually toughed out that crap mattress for over a year!!!

Not anymore. While in Texas we decided enough was enough. We needed a real mattress. We started reading reviews and doing some research. The traditional box spring and mattress type setup was eliminated early on. How about a waterbed? I don’t think so…lol. We started looking into memory foam mattress and ultimately decided on this one.

Shipping Box

We purchased it in July 2017. We had it shipped to the KOA we were workamping at in Texas. It arrived in a big rectangle box. It weighed about 50lbs and came in a large box so I used the truck to get it back to the site. We both looked at each other and were a little confused about how a mattress fit in this rectangular box. The picture of the box posted is not our actual box but a picture off the internet of the box it came in. 

Unfortunately, I accidentally erased the pictures of the unboxing of it so I will describe it in detail. The instructions said it needed to sit on the bed for 24 hours once opened. Yeah, like that is going to happen. Where are we going to sleep? We don’t have a bunk model…lol. We decided the best way to give it the most time was to set it up as soon as we got up and go to sleep as late as we could that night. So yes, this big box sat in the middle of the floor overnight…lol.

Out The Door It Went

The next morning we got up early, unmade the bed, and rolled up the old mattress. I can’t believe how thin and crappy that thing was. No wonder it took me a half an hour in the morning before I could walk…lol. Out the door, it went. After the new one was all set-up, it was off to the dumpster with the old!!!

Ok, now we have the big wooden platform with no mattress. We started opening the box carefully. As we peeled the box away, it revealed what looked like the mattress all rolled up in an airtight bag. After carefully cutting away the bag as the instructions stated, the mattress started to unravel and grow, and grow!!! It’s alive!! This thing just kept growing…lol.

We’re In For A Long Day

When all was said and done, we had a mattress!!! The directions and product reviews that we had read stated there might be a slight smell when opened and for a little while afterward. While we had a faint smell but it was not overpowering and dissipated quickly. So there we stand at the edge of the bed looking at how thick this was getting. All we could think of was, nap time!!! We didn’t though. We actually hung out as late as we could that night. All in all, we let it sit about 17 hours (7am-midnight). We couldn’t stay up any longer…lol.

So this is what I can tell you after 6 months. It definitely took us a night or 2 to adjust. I guess after a year of sleeping on plywood (that’s what it was like with the old mattress) our bodies had to adjust. It was so thick I had to help Chris get up into bed!!! She now has no problems. If 8” is too thick I believe you can get a 6”. If you want thicker, they go up to 14”!!!

Mattress Layesr

As I stated earlier when we first cut the bag open we had a faint smell that dissipated quickly. We did leave the windows open the first day so I don’t know if that helps. We also noticed that if one or the other has to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, it does not disturb the other like a waterbed or cheap mattress would.

One more thing. Did I mention there is a 10-year warranty!!!

Manufacturer: Zinus
Type: Smooth Top
Size: Camper (Short) Queen
Weight: 48.2 lbs
Dimensions: 60” X 74” X 8”
Cover Details: Soft Knitted Fabric
Mattress Layer Make Up:
2” Memory Foam
2” Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam
4” High-Density Base Support Foam

Our Review Summary

Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

Overall Value
Ease Of Set-Up

Final Thoughts

After sleeping on this for 6 months, I can honestly say I don’t know why we ever waited so long to change our mattress out. We are extremely happy with this mattress and have never slept so well. We can actually get out of bed with no soreness or stiffness.



  • Super Comfortable
  • Comes In Different Size Thicknesses
  • Comes In Multiple Sizes
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Some People Report A Slight Odor When New (We Did Not)
  • No Negatives For Us/ We Love It!!!

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  1. Just bought the same kind except 10″ and absolutely love it!!!! Yes we did listen to you a bought one. Thanks Dennis and Chris!!!!


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