Yankee Candle Factory

Last November while visiting my daughter at her college, we stopped at the Yankee Candle Flagship Store. My wife and daughter were very excited to go. Me, not so much…lol. It turned out to be a great day. Since it was close to Christmas, they had Santa there for the kids and a room filled with holiday-themed villages with a train running through it.

Circle Sign

There was an area where kids (or adults…lol) could create their own candles, an oddball gift area, and of course, there were numerous areas where you can check out (and smell) all the candles that have made Yankee Candle what they are today. Best of all (for me), they had a Ben And Jerry’s inside the building!!!!!!

No Open Flames

Being that we will be living in a trailer, I am super nervous about having any kind of flame going inside. They had that problem solved too. They have things that warm-up (no flame) and then you drop these little wax squares in. Now you are getting the awesome smells with no flame.

The staff was nothing but friendly. They were more than willing to help us out and answer our questions relating to the flame issue. They even took us to a section of the store and demonstrated the plug-in warmer type units. All in all, it was a surprisingly pleasant visit. I would recommend anyone in the Deerfield Ma area to stop in and spend a little time. You might be pleasantly surprised. I was.

Date of Visit: November 2015

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