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All Season Waterproof Cover Review

The following review is for the XYZCTEM Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. We have had it now since June 14th, 2020. We purchased it because our original shelter for our motorcycle (our screenhouse) ripped after withstanding many storms and extreme weather and we needed a new way to protect the bike from Florida’s rainy summer season. Since owning this cover we have found it to be more than adequate. Let’s get into some details.

Quick Facts:

Manufacturer: XYZCTEM
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.86 x 3.94 inches
Manufacturer Part Number: XYZCTEM-336
Vehicle Type: Cruiser/ Touring
Our Motorcycle: 2001 Yamaha Royal Star Venture
Date Of Review: 11/11/20

About This Product

Let me start out by saying our motorcycle is a 2001 Royal Star Venture by Yamaha. It’s a large bike and the first thing we noticed when applying the cover is although it fits it does not go completely to the ground. That is not a problem for us because we were mainly looking to cover the seat and electronics of the bike. On a side note, our windshield measures about 13″.

Orange/Black Two Tone

It features a black over orange two-tone look with the company emblem on the front. There is one tie strap with a buckle in the front and one in the rear. There is also a hole in the front so you can attach a tire lock through the cover.

Motorcycle Cover Front View

The material is Nylon Oxford which protects the bike from rain, dust, sun, tree sap, and other types of inclement weather. It’s also a breathable material that will not trap heat and moisture. Best of all it will not scratch your bike. With this cover, we have not found any water pooling on the seat as we did with our old cover after a rainstorm.

Two Buckle Straps

There are two buckle straps with this cover. One is in the front and one in the back. Because of the height of the windshield of our bike, we are unable to clip the two straps together in the front but the ones in the back clip together fine. Even being unable to clip both clips, the cover stays on fairly tight. We have had some pretty windy days and the cover never once seemed like it would fly away.

Seriously though, being in Florida in the rainy season this cover has definitely proved itself to this point. It has rained almost every day with some days pouring and we have not found one drop of water on the seat. For the price of this cover we feel even if we get a year or two before the weather deteriorates the material, it is well worth it.

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Our Review Summary

XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

Overall Value
Ease Of Use
Overall Fit


We have owned this cover for about 2 months at the time of this review. Although it does not cover the entire bike to the ground, we have found it to serve our main purpose which is to protect the seat and electronics. After all, we wouldn’t want to get our cassette player wet…lol!!!



  • Breathable & No Scratch Material
  • Waterproof
  • Locking straps In The Front & Back


  • Front Start Does Not Reach To Buckle In The Front Due To Windshield Height
  • A Little Short For Big Touring/Cruisers
  • It Could Use A Few More Grommets For Securing

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