Workamping has really worked out well for us, well most of the time…lol. In addition to bringing in a little income, it has been a great way to see an area of the country that we have not seen without spending any savings money. One of the biggest benefits that workamping has brought us that we never thought about before is that if you workman you are guaranteed a spot at a campground.

In years past that may not have been that big of a deal but with all the RVs that are being sold it’s getting harder and harder to lock into good campgrounds during the busy seasons. Forget about trying to get a campground on a holiday unless you made the reservation well in advance.

With that being said, not all workamping jobs are created equal. In this section we will not only explain what workamping is, we will detail each one of our workamping experiences so you can get an idea of what it’s like. We will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Deciding If A Campground Job Is For You
How Can You Afford To Travel? What Exactly Is A Workamper?
Tips On Finding & Securing A Workamping Position
Workamper Experiences: The Click Chick
Workamping Experience: KOA Amarillo
Workamping Experiences: Lake City RV Resort
Workamping Experiences: KOA Mystic
Workamping Experiences: Sundance RV Resort
Workamping Experiences: KOA Ouray
Workamping Experiences: KOA Milton
Workamping Experiences: Adventure Ocala