Workamping Experiences: Sundance RV Resort

Arizona Here We Come

Back when we were in Lake City, Florida, I took the winter off due to a failed workamping experience (see workamper experiences Lake City) and Chris was working at Publix part-time. When she was off and the weather was nice we enjoyed visiting state parks.

Unexpected Phone Call

One day while we were at the Suwannee River State Park we were just getting out of the truck and getting our hiking stuff ready when the phone rang. I usually don’t answer the phone when I don’t know who the caller is but for some reason I answered it this time.


The call was from the managers of an RV resort in Yuma, Arizona. They introduced themselves as Wayne and Jeanette and explained that they were looking for a housekeeping couple for the winter months and had seen our resume. We are assuming they saw it on Workamper News because besides the KOA website that was the only other place it was.

Our Site

We were a little surprised because we had not applied for the job but that is the beauty of leaving your resume on a site like Workamper News. Not every employer posts their jobs because they tend to get bombarded with resumes that they will need to sort through.

Swinging On The Suwanne!!!

They asked us if we had some time for an interview. We explained that we were at a state park and as long as the signal held up we would do the interview. We found a swing right on the bank of the Suwannee River and did our interview which was almost an hour overlooking the river!!!

Site Only

When all was said and done we accepted the position. Arizona was on our list of states to visit so why not? The position was at a 55 and older RV resort in Yuma owned by Cal-Am Resorts. The job was for 7.5 hours apiece per week and that was to cover site only. There would be no opportunity for any extra paid hours.

No Out Of Pocket

They explained that we would be paying the actual rates as if we were staying there as guests ($500 per month plus electric) but would always have enough hours to cover the site fee and electricity. They promised we would not have any out of pocket for those costs. We were also able to participate in all activities and amenities they had at the park which turned out to be many. Check out our review on Sundance RV Park for more information on that.

We negotiated our start date and they asked us for a 6 month commitment. We had no problem with that length of time. The interview went great and they sounded like really nice people so when all was said and done we accepted the position.

How about that. We started the day off thinking we were just going to go for a hike and came back with a winter job!!!

Big Stack Of Paperwork

Over the course of that summer while we were working at KOA Mystic they sent us a packet from Cal-Am that we had to complete and return. It was like a million (slightly exaggerated) pages!!! It was quite the challenge but we got it all done. Jeanette was good about answering all questions (and we had a few…lol).

Once we completed all the paperwork and emailed it back to her she looked it over and said we were all set. That was a workout…lol

Main Room Of The Clubhouse

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a very warm welcome. The office was located in a building that also housed a large ballroom. We received a map of the resort and were told how to get to our site which was pretty easy. It was a corner site and was a pretty tight fit but we got in and made it work.

Name Tags & Keys

After we were all settled in and a few days had passed we met with the managers in their office. A few more forms needed to be completed and we received our name tags which we were instructed had to be worn at all times by both workers and residents.

We also received our keys and begun our tour of the place. We were shown the 2 main buildings we would be responsible for. The main building and the clubhouse. Each had it own set of bathrooms and the clubhouse also had showers.

Me and Chris

The main building consisted of the office, the bathrooms, a ballroom, and a kitchen area. The clubhouse consisted of a common area with pool tables, a card room, puzzle room, gym, laundromat, beauty salon, bathrooms w/showers and an outside pool and hot tub with a stage area and tables.

Our first thought upon seeing all this area was how in the world are we going to keep all these areas clean while working only 2.5 hours a day for 3 days! That turned out to be a valid concern. There simply was not enough time to get everything cleaned the way we like to do it.

Free Ice!!!

Besides the cleaning, we also changed the bags at the two dog parks. Residents (including workampers) were allowed to take free bags of ice from the freezer located in the clubhouse. Each of the 3 mornings we worked it was our job to fill bags with ice from the main ice machine and bring them over to the clubhouse to fill the freezer.

The most time consuming job we had was taking care of the ballroom floor. It was some kind of wood imported from Norway (I think) and needed special care.

Special Projects

About a month or so into working we were asked if we wanted to do a special project. It was to clean and wax the clubhouse floor. This was to be done after the clubhouse closed which made it much easier for us. There were also other times that we were asked to work extra hours which we always agreed to. Wayne & Jeanette were very good to work for so we had no problem helping out.

The season was progressing along nicely. We were given the freedom to work whatever hours we wanted on our scheduled days. The one request was that we didn’t do the main building until after 11am on Sundays. The non- denominational religious services were over by 11 am.

2 Time Clocks

Each day we worked we would punch in and punch out. There were two time clocks. One in the main building and one in the clubhouse. You used your thumbprint to activate the clocks. It was a simple system that worked well.

Up until this point, things were great. We came up with systems to get as much area covered in a short amount of time and everyone seemed happy. Then one day on our day off we received a text from Jeanette. It stated we were over in hours and that moving forward we were to only work 2 hours each for 3 days.

The Ballroom
The Ballroom

What had happened is corporate was reviewing our hours to site fees and we were too much in the green. Our guess is it was because of the extra hours we spent on the additional projects.

Oh well. For the remainder of the season, we did 2 hours a day for 3 days. We completed as many of our tasks as possible. Jeanette helped out by getting the maintenance guys to stay on top of the ice refills so that was a big help.

Final Thoughts

Our time spent at Sundance RV Resort was a very positive experience. The managers, Wayne & Jeanette were extremely nice to us the entire time we were there. I also have to mention Joanne. She was in charge of the kitchen and was so appreciative that we took care of mopping her floors (not part of our original assignments) that she would always have fresh baked cookies and other food samples for us…Yummy!!!

If there is one thing I want to stress it’s that they were extremely accurate with the hours to site fee calculations. At the end of our assignment, we were about .45 cents in the positive…lol. One strange thing I forgot to mention is that you would get paid for your hours (we chose direct deposit) but then you would have to write them a check to pay for your site each month.

One thing that we feel was a little bit of a bummer was that in regard to the electric, they never mentioned that you pay an administrative fee on top of your actual kilowatt usage. We were never told that. We found that out after talking to other people when I couldn’t figure out why the kilowatt price seemed to change each month

If we were looking for a job that paid site only, we would consider Sundance RV resort for the future.

Have You Ever Worked For This Park or Cal-Am Resorts? What Was Your Experience? Let Us Know In The Comments Below

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8 thoughts on “Workamping Experiences: Sundance RV Resort”

  1. Great info on Sundance RV Resort and it looks like a pretty outstanding place. It’s always a welcoming sight when managers are nice, as they should be. That it’s a clean place with yummy cookies is also enticing. One question I would ask is, did they not disclose the administrative fee in the paperwork? If not, I would think you wouldn’t have to pay it. All in all Sundance RV Resort looks like a nice little getaway and I appreciate the thorough review, well done!

    • Pentrental- The cookies were very good…lol. If we went there now we would have a problem because we started Keto shortly after leaving there…lol. The administrative fee was never disclosed. We found out when the numbers were not adding up. I am kind of a numbers guy…lol. Although we felt that was a little sneaky they assured us the fees were coming from the state of Arizona and not them. They were just passing them on. we felt like they could have told us that beforehand but in the end, it worked out ok. We ended up working fewer weekly hours and we never had to pay out of pocket for site or electric… Dennis

  2. Great article. I have traveled extensively with my motorbike here in Europe but I have never had such an experience in the US, which frankly is the perfect country for this type of holiday. Arizona sounds like a very fascinating place. I have only seen the East Coast but I would love to venture further west. One of my dreams is traveling with a motorbike from NY to LA. One day I must do it 🙂 

    • Horatius- East to west coast on a motorcycle was something I had always wanted to do before I got into RVing. If you ever find yourself doing it and want a free campsite for a short period of time, workamping is a great way to go although you might need to find work that provides some kind or dorm/cabin/sleeping arrangement. It makes them harder to find but they are out there. Sundance is not one of those places though…lol. Have a great day… Dennis

  3. Hello, nice article. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I haven’t actually been to the Sundance RV Resort but with all this information given on it, I think it will be a future place to visit for me.  It’s very clear that your work experience there was a good one. The manager really did well in giving a warm welcome and seemed easy to work for.   

    • Sheddy Ovb- Yes, the managers (husband & wife) were great to work for. It was a great way to get our site fees and electric use covered…Dennis

  4. Thanks for sharing your interesting experience about working at Sundance RV Resort. Since I never have a chance to go there, I am glad to read yours because I can imagine how nice it is to work there with such great employer 🙂 If there is another chance, will you go there again for the second time? Looking forward to hear your other experience here 

    • Alblue- Workamping is a great way to see the country and save money while doing it. As of right now my wife and I have decided not to go back to the same place twice so we are able to have new experiences. If we were to ever change that way of thinking and we were back in Yuma looking for a site only position, we would definitely go back and work at Sundance. Just an FYI, we have posted our other workamping experiences and you can check them out here… Dennis


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