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Working At The Computer

So many people are looking to make money from home or start a business that is location independent. It is always a good idea to have multiple streams of income. That way if one has a slow month or two the others can pick up the slack.

We are no exception to this. We have multiple streams of income and are always looking at new ways to compliment what we have. As we try new ideas, we will document and ultimately review them here.

We have a full page on different ways to make money on the road. I have put the link to that page below. Some of these are business opportunities and some are work for pay opportunities. We use both. By using both we can work and get guaranteed income for things like savings account boosters, new toys, and big-ticket repair items.

How To Make Money On The Road

A true business takes time to build and produce income to live off. We suggest you run far and fast from any opportunity that promises any type of “Get Rich Quick” structure. Most are scams.

Another suggestion we have is to pick a business that you love doing. For example, if you hate talking to people, don’t pick a sales based business. If you are not a pet lover, don’t open a grooming business. You get the idea.

Since we are full-time travelers, most of the business opportunities we can do or will try can be done while traveling. That does not mean you can’t do them in a sticks-n-bricks location. Either way, doesn’t being your own boss and setting your own hours sound good?

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J.R. Watkins

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