Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite Antenna Review

Why We Needed Satellite TV

When we checked into a campground in Florida for 6 months and found out there were no cable hook-ups we decided to take a look at satellite options. We did not know a lot about satellite tv as we have never had it before.

Needs To Work Everywhere

A few things we did know is that we did not want to be locked into a plan for any amount of time. We all know that electronics seem to go out of date at the blink of an eye. We wanted to try and find something that was fairly new and (hopefully) would be out of date by the time we received it. Lastly, since we would be on both the east and west coast, we wanted something that would work anywhere we were.

Pathway X2 In The Box
The Pathway X2 In The Box

After researching both Dish network and Direct Tv, we decide on Dish network. We found a plan that is designed specifically for RV’ers. it’s a pay as you go plan. There are no activation fees, no contracts, and you can turn it on and off as you please. Let me explain, if you are at a campground that has no cable, you activate it. If you then go to another campground with awesome cable, just don’t pay the bill when it’s due. 3 months later you move to another campground with no or little cable, just pay the bill and activate. No separate activation fee. You pay for what you use (one month at a time) only.

Now that we found a plan it was time for the equipment. After talking to other campers in the park and doing some research, we chose the Winegard Pathway X2 with the Wally receiver.

Pathway X2 Unboxed
The Pathway X2 Being Unboxed

The X2 fits our travel style. It will point to both the Eastern and Western Arc satellite orbitals. This way whether we are in the North or South, East coast or West, we should receive a signal. The second thing we love about this antenna is that it does not require a separate power source to make it work. It is powered through the Wally Receiver. Lastly, it will work with 2 receivers although both tv’s much watch channels on the same satellite.

Built-In Handle

This antenna has a built-in handle to make it easy to move when you are ready to roll to the next campground or boondocking spot. It also makes a great place to put a locking cable through if you are worried about theft. We put the X2 on the RV roof and lock it to the ladder. There is also a tripod (sold separately) that you can set it on.

Pathway X2 in Stowed Position

After we received it, we set it up on the roof, ran the coax to the connector on the back of the RV, connected the Wally receiver to the inside RV connector and TV, and powered up the receiver. One side note. Dish wants you to run the cable from the X2 directly to the receiver for the initial set-up. As long as your RV connections and wiring are good, you can hook it up to your RV. We did and had no problems.

Once everything is connected and hooked up, follow the on-screen instructions. If you have the X2 on the roof like we do, you will hear it as it spins around and locates the satellites. It is done all automatically. You don’t have to do anything. That’s the beauty of the X2!!!

Pathway X2 On The Roof
Our Pathway X2 on the Roof. We Use 2 Bicycle Style Cable Locks To Secure It To The Ladder.

You will need to call Dish network to set it up for the first time. At this point they will set up an account and activate the account., it couldn’t be easier. Dish network will tell you to hook it up directly to your receiver during the initial set up.

We have this set-up now for about 7 months and love it. We never lost the signal while in Florida but have lost it once here in Ct. I will say the storm that we lost the signal was a bad one that produced a couple of Tornados here. Other than that, it has been reliable. For some reason, you will hear (or see, depending on where you locate it) it spinning around even while you are not watching TV. I am Guessing that is for updates.

Park Cable and Satellite Hook-Ups On The Back Of Our RV.

As far as when we travel, we put a lightweight blanket on the shower floor, place the X2 on the blanket, then surround it with throw pillows. It works great!!!

Lastly, we purchased ours directly from Dish which was a mistake. We were rookies…lol. I have found our complete package on Amazon for much (much) cheaper than we paid. I have provided links throughout this review.

Amazon Winegard Pathway X2 and Wally Receiver Package

Brand: Winegard
Model: PA6002R
Weight: 16 lbs
Dimensions: 24.2 X 22.2 X 20.6 inches
Diameter: 21 inches

UPDATE: We have now sold this unit. We had no problems with this antenna the entire time we owned it. The new owner is just as happy with it as we were.

Our Review Summary

Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite Antenna Review

Overall Value
Ease Of Set Up
Overall Quality

Final Thoughts

We had no idea what we were doing when we bought this. All we knew was that we were going to be in a location for 6 months without cable. That would have been ok for me but Chris loves her TV. This antenna worked great for us while we had it. We used to just throw it up on the roof, chain it to the ladder, and hook the cable wire to our satellite connection on the RV. The antenna did the rest. It would find the satellites on its own without us having to use any apps or satellite finders. If we ever needed to get a satellite antenna again for any reason we would not hesitate to get another one of these.



  • No Separate Power Source Needed
  • This Antenna Will Run 2 Receivers
  • The Base Has A Built-In Carry Handle


  • A Little Large & Bulky. We stored In Our RV Shower While Traveling

8 thoughts on “Winegard Pathway X2 Satellite Antenna Review”

  1. I would definitely like to own one of these satellite antennae, matter of fact didnt know the existed, we always use the other antennas and use a signal meter to to catch the signal again

    • It has worked very well so far. We basically pull into a campground, put it up on the roof, hook up the cable wire, then just turn on the receiver. That’s it!!!. It does all the searching and scanning on its own. People said we would have trouble in the Northeast but we are in Connecticut for the last 2 months and it’s working great!!!… Dennis

    • David- We have not personally tried hooking up 2 receivers to our unit as we only use one TV. I can tell you that our neighbor in the site two over from us in Florida last winter had his hooked up to two receivers and he said it worked great. I hope that helps…Dennis

    • Donald- We are not sure what “40 Plus” signal is as we are not all that tech-savvy. What we can tell you is we have been to both east and west coast states and never had a problem getting any channels. The cool thing about this antenna is that everywhere we have gone all we do is throw it up on the roof, connect the coax cable, and turn on the Wally receiver and the antenna took care of the rest. It auto finds the signal. We did not need any apps or have to stand around trying to find a signal. The antenna took care of that. Also, because we had the “RV On The Go” service, all we had to do is change our zip code on our online account. After that, we just followed the setup procedure on the screen which basically just asked what hemisphere we wanted to use and that was it. Within 10 minutes we were watching TV. I should mention that as of 1 month ago we sold the Wally receiver and Antenna because the campground that we are at (and will be at for a while) has over 100 cable tv channels!!! As far as we know the person who bought it is just as happy as we were. We hope this helps… Dennis & Chris

  2. Great information Dennis. Timely as I’m shopping for best option now. Silly question though. Have you ever been worried it would blow off the roof? I know you said you secure it against theft but worried if I put this on top of my new RV, it might blow off and dangle from the ladder.

    • Josh- I used to worry about that too. We were in some pretty windy conditions and it never moved. There are rubber stops on the bottom and I think that helps it stay in place. I used to play out the worst-case scenario in my head all the time…that’s just me…lol. I figured if it ever blew off the roof the worst-case scenario is like you said, it would dangle from the ladder. In my opinion, if it did wind up blowing and dangling from the ladder, I do not think it would get damaged. Now if it blew off the roof and hit the ground….well that’s another story…lol. One more thing I want to mention. If you do put it on the roof and cable it to the ladder, make sure you leave room for the unit to turn as it auto-adjusts. Ask me how I know…lol…Dennis


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