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Welcome To Traveling Adventures On Wheels

We originally created Traveling Adventures On Wheels to document our travels and for our friends and family to follow and keep in touch with us. It has since grown into a site that can be used by everyone who travels within the United States and is looking for campground reviews, fun things to do, or anything RV related. It does not matter if you are a full-timer or weekend warrior. There is something for every RV’er.

Motorcycles And Work Opportunities Too

We have also added a section on motorcycling. The motorcycle section is growing in leaps and bounds so be sure to check it out. Events and Rallies, riding tips, and cool roadside oddities just to name a few things you will find here.

Easy Navigation

Have you ever been to a website and it takes you forever to find what you are looking for? Sometimes even after searching you still can’t find it!!! We have tried to make this website super easy to navigate. Everything is neatly laid out in its own menu making it easy for you to read only what you are interested in.

Constantly Growing

We are constantly growing and adding information and fun stuff to this site and would love to have you along for the ride. The best way to come along with us is to subscribe. No worries, we will never sell your email address to anyone.

Our You-Tube Channel

We have also started a YouTube channel. The channel will not be daily vlogs about what we eat and us sitting at campfires toasting marshmallows ( well maybe sometimes…lol) but more like places we go, scenic rides we do, and campground reviews. So please take a minute and head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel.

Why Should You Subscribe

Good question. Well, how about it’s Free!!! It will always be free. We support this site through the use of affiliate links. If you do shopping you were going to do anyway through one of our links we get a small commission. You never pay more for a product for using a link and we would greatly appreciate it.

Here Are Some Of The Things That You Can Look Forward To On This Site:

Campground Reviews
Day Trip Adventures
Lists of RV Shows & Events by State
Informative Articles on Anything RV Related
RV Terminology
Fun Geocaching Adventures
Roadside Oddities
Important Safety Articles Related to RV’ing
Informative and Sometimes Funny Blogs
Scenic Motorcycle Rides by State (can also be done in automobiles)
Motorcycle Events & Rallies by State
Informative Motorcycle Articles
Cool Route 66 Stuff
Much Much More!!!

This site is constantly updated. Things like scenic rides are being added on a regular basis. These rides (which was originally designed to be done on a motorcycle but can easily be done in an automobile too) sometimes are accompanied by a video. Just go into blog category and choose scenic rides. Then choose the state you’re looking for.

Events and Free Classifieds

Other pages such as RV Shows and Events and Motorcycle Events and Rallies are also being constantly being updated. You can now send us your motorcycle and RV classified ads and we will add them to the site for free!!! Just let us know when the item sells so we can remove it.

Readers Rides

If you have done a scenic ride and would like to share it with everyone, you can do that too. Just send us the info and we will post it on the site under our Readers Rides section.

Ask Questions, Comment, And Share

This site is growing every day and will continue to grow. We will be constantly adding new material as we travel our way around the country. It is also a platform for people to ask questions, comment and share their experiences or suggest new features they would like to see.

Did I Mention It’s All Free?!!!

Did we mention everything¬†listed above is free and most features are open to anyone?!!! If all of that is available to anyone, why should you subscribe? That’s a great question!!!

We Are Committed 

To maintain and continually grow a website like this it is extremely time-consuming. Some of the features on this site take numerous hours to prepare and post to the site. We are committed (and love) to do the research, posting the articles, and updating the material constantly.

Photos, Photos, And More Photos

One thing I love to do is take pictures. I take numerous pictures everywhere I go. Most times too many pictures for a website to handle‚Ķlol. Therefore anytime there are additional pictures to an article, you will be given a link to go to my photo album in Flickr. Here you will find all the pictures related to the article you are reading.

If you don’t have a Flickr account, don’t worry. You do not need one. It may ask you to create one but you can just “X” it out and view the pictures.

Directions For Scenic Rides

We also make left/right direction sheets for almost every “Scenic Ride” we post. You will not only get the generalized map of the route, but you will also get the turn by turn directions so you can enjoy the ride/drive worry free. We want to give our subscribers exclusive access to those things.

Quarterly Give-Aways

Quarterly gift card giveaways. Who doesn’t like giveaways? Each quarter we will give away a gift card to a vendor of our choice. It’s just a small token of appreciation for you being a subscriber to our site. Be sure to visit our official gift card giveaway rules and information page.

Weekly Updates/ No Spam

Lastly, no one likes spam. we will only send you one e-mail a week. On Fridays at 10 am Arizona time(this changes depending on our location), you will receive an e-mail informing you of everything that was updated or changed on the site. That e-mail will contain the links to all the new material. Make sure you add travelingadveventuresonwheels.com to your address book so it doesn’t wind up in your spam folder. If it winds up in spam you will be missing out on all this cool stuff. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits again.

Recap Of The Subscriber-Only Benefits:

  • Did We Mention It’s Free!!!– You will never pay to access this site or any of its features. This site is funded through the use of affiliate links and advertisements. When you click on any advertising link on this site, we make a small commission. The commission we get does not raise the price of the product you are buying. We also do not see any of your financial information. Once you click on the link it takes you to that vendor’s site and the rest of the transaction is between you and that company. Thank you very much to those who have been using our links. It is a great way to say thank you and show us that you appreciate and enjoy the content on this site.
  • Weekly E-Mail Updates-  You get enough e-mails. We do not want to spam you with multiple e-mails per day or week. Once you subscribe, you will get one e-mail each week on Friday @ 10 am(currently Pacific time) explaining everything that was added to our website or any other news regarding our website. That way you will always be in the loop.
  • If You See A Scenic Ride That You Like And Would Like To Do, as a subscriber, you will have access to left/right sheets. These left/right sheets are prepared on spreadsheets and sent to you in pdf form. They will guide you through the ride turn by turn. No guesswork on your part.
  • Starting September 5th, 2018– Quarterly gift card giveaways. One Winner will be selected at random by email address. Please visit the Official Gift Card Giveaway Rules Page for details. If you are already a subscriber there is nothing else you will need to do, you are automatically entered.
  • Surprise Random Fun Giveaways– Periodically we will just give stuff away. Could be gift certificates to certain companies like Watkins Products, or cool RV or Motorcycle stuff. We will usually connect it to some sort of fun game/contest.
  • List your motorcycle or motorcycle related items on our classifieds page for free!!! You get an unlimited amount of listings as a subscriber
  • List your RV or RV related items on our classifieds page for free!!! You get an unlimited amount of listings as a subscriber
  • Submit your favorite motorcycle rides on our Readers Rides page and show everyone just how many scenic roads there are in this country

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