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A Little Background History On Us

Being on the road full time has been great for us so far. I am sure you have seen me write many times throughout this site about how much we love it and how there is no end in sight. That being said, none of it is possible without an income of some kind. No matter how much we try and slow down a bit and relax, the bottom line is everything in this world revolves around money.

Depends On Your Lifestyle

No matter how much you can scale your life back, you will always need some amount of money. Depending on how much you scale back and what kind of bills you are carrying will determine how much money you will need. For example, if you like to boondock on free public land and you have no RV or truck payments, chances are your monthly needs will be smaller than someone like us who enjoy full hookups, satellite tv, and are still paying truck and RV payments.

Multiple Streams

If you looked at our “How We Fund Our RV Lifestyle” page, you will see we have several streams of income. The most stable source is my pension. I know that the same amount of money will be deposited into my account every last day of the month. Then there is workamping.

What Else Can We Do?

So what else can we do? We still want other sources of income. We like our full hook-up parks and we would also like to start visiting more state and national parks. Our goal is to get to a point where we don’t have to workcamp at all. That way we can start staying in a location for only a month or two. This type of travel costs more money than being in one spot for a while.

What Is Watkins?  

In addition to my pension and workamping, we are Independent Consultants with J.R.Watkins. This has turned out to be a lot more fun than we thought. More on that coming soon.

So at this point, we are getting my pension, workamping, and we started a Watkins business. We thought we were set. We figured this would keep us moving along.

How Can We Track Our Travels?

Now that we thought we had the finances all set, we started looking for a way for us to document our upcoming travels. We also wanted a way for friends and family to be able to follow us as we moved about the country.

Is This A Scam?

One day as I was sitting on the computer, I found this website called Wealthy Affiliate. They talked about how anyone could build a website even if you knew absolutely nothing about it. Hey, that’s me I thought…lol. I became super excited but then the realistic/cautious side of my brain was like, “Dude, this is a scam”. There went all that excitement.

Test Drive The Free Platform

As days even weeks went by I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What if it was legit I thought. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Over the course of the following few weeks, I researched this place and others like it. I don’t know what it was but Wealthy Affiliate seemed to be sincere in what they offer. They had a free platform to get started on so I decided to give it a try.

Your Website Is Your Own

I kept thinking this would be a great way to document our travels. There is always Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms but they are not really yours. You have a limited say in what you can post and say. A website would be your own. You own it and control everything that goes on it.

I Am Going To Find The Scam

Once I got signed up I started checking the site out. I will never forget how I moved around the site for hours looking for the scam part of it. The funny thing is, as I moved around the site, I not only couldn’t find the “scam” with this place, I was learning stuff already. I decided to create a website. When you sign up under the free platform you get 10 free classes that make up your first certification level. As I went through these classes, I was amazed at how easy this was. They laid everything out in simple terms that anyone can understand.

Before I Knew It I Had A Website

Before I knew it, I had a site published on the web and ranked  (not very high…lol) in Google. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited. At this point, I knew this is exactly what I wanted. I decided to upgrade to a premium membership. I still wanted to be a little cautious (waiting to find the scam which by the way never happened) so I signed up on the monthly plan. This way I could jump out at any time if need be.

Working At The Computer

Well, it’s been almost 4 years and I still have not found the scam…lol. I have long switched from a monthly to a yearly plan since it’s much cheaper. So far every year I have been a member, they have offered a really good yearly plan option around Black Friday. It didn’t take long before I jumped on that deal.

I Would Go For Months Without Logging In

There were times in the beginning when I would go for months on end without even signing in because work and life were getting in the way. I was still working my 9-5 and running a local motorcycle “Meet-Up” group. Making money and riding was higher up on the food chain than documenting my travels. When I would have time I would jump back on and do some more of the training.

Maybe I Can Make A Few Dollars With This

As I worked my way through the training I began to think that maybe, besides just a travel blog and website for family and friends I can make a few dollars in the process. That’s when the wheels started turning. I started paying more attention to the training and learning whatever I could.

Created And Deleted Multiple Websites

I have deleted the original website I created when I first joined. I have also created and deleted another website before settling in on this one. I have even split this website into two and merged them back together…lol. That’s the beauty of this. You are in total control. You own the website so you can do as you like with it.

Expanded It To Help Others

We have expanded our site to include not only documentation of our travels for friends and family but have expanded it to help anyone who might be thinking about getting into the RV life whether it be part or full time. We have also added a motorcycling section to help people who ride.

Up To 50 Sites!!!

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is they will host up to 50 websites with a premium membership. That way if you wanted to start sites in different subject areas you could do it all under one roof so to speak. They also have a great support community.

Awesome Community Always Willing To Help

If you ever have any questions, you throw it out into the live chat and before you know it multiple people are there to help. Once I was trying to get fancy (trying something way above my skills…lol) with the site and crashed it. I was in a panic. I jumped onto the live chat and with all the advice I received my site was up and running in 15 minutes.

Awesome Tech Support!!!

They also have a great tech support department if your issue can’t be solved in the live chat. Different levels of online certification courses, member-driven training, weekly live webinar training, live chat and a great community of people are what you will get for your membership. There are not only courses on how to build a website but also a bunch of different ways to make money with it!!! You can even make a few bucks for referring friends.

Everything We Learn We Post It To Help Others

Since retiring in October of 2016 I have started to get more serious with the site and even use it as a source of income. It has become my favorite thing to work on. Every time we go somewhere or do something I can’t wait to put it up on the site and share it with everyone. Every time we learn something new about RV’ing or motorcycling we get it up on the site to teach others so they learn too and don’t make the same mistake.

Niche Subjects Are Endless

The hardest part is picking out a topic for your website, commonly called your niche. Do not worry about what your niche will be. Everyone has something they are passionate about.  Also, please don’t think this is a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of work (?) and time to build a website and start making money.

A Fun Way To Supplement Your Income

The best part about it is if you are doing something you love, it will not feel like work at all. Instead of waking up and saying to yourself, “dam, I have to go to work” you will be excited to work on your site.

Work When Convenient For You

As far as the time factor, you can work on your site as much or as little as you want. Sometimes I am at the computer all day and sometimes I go out exploring and won’t even sign on for days. We also workcamp so I can’t work on it during those times either. The internet never sleeps. Once created, your site will always be there when you’re ready to come back and work on it.

Final Thoughts

A couple of final thoughts I would like to leave you with. Do not worry that you have no experience in making a website. They will walk you through each step of the way. There is also numerous ongoing and live training so you will always be learning.

We have posted a comparison chart below for you to review. This will break down what you get with the free and paid memberships. Remember you can browse the site with no obligations for FREE!!!

If you have any questions at all about this great opportunity, don’t hesitate to either leave a comment below or email me directly by clicking the link below

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