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Why Does Our RV Look Like A Waterfall?

Water Pressure Regulator

Here is a quick tip that a few people I know could have used. If you are going to be away from your RV for any length of time, shut your water off at the spigot.

A water line can spring a leak for multiple reasons at any time. Don’t assume just because you will be back in a couple of hours you are safe. Just a few minutes of water pouring into your RV can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Water Pouring Out The Door

I have personally witnessed water pouring out of someone’s trailer because they went to work for the day and a line inside their RV split open and the water just poured out of that line and into the RV for hours. I was actually the one that saw it and ran over and turned the park water off at the spigot. Unfortunately for this guy, it was too late.

A simple split line caused a very expensive RV repair. Please, take the extra minute and shut down the campground water before you go out for the day.

We hope this helps.

Why Is My Shower Water Brown?

Camco Water Filter

After being on the road all day you finally arrive at your campground. You head into the office and check-in. Your handed a sitemap and/or maybe you even get an escort to your site.

Do You Just Hook Up To The Water?

After you get your RV all backed in (or pulled in) at the site and go to hook up your freshwater, do you just hook up your hose to the water connection and then hook up the other side to the RV and turn it on? I wouldn’t. Sometimes there’s a little rust in the campground lines. Especially if it has not been used for a while. I always turn the water on and let it run for a few minutes before I hook up to the RV.

Nice And Clear

Once I see it’s coming out nice and clear,  I then hook it up. I also use a filter between the campground water connection and the RV. See my review of the water filter pictured above. It is also a good idea to use a little bleach solution cleaner on the campground connections before you hook up your hose.  We use a filter similar to the one pictured to the right.

We Hope This Helps.

Why Are My Hoses Bulging?

Water Regulator

When hooked up to campground water, always use a pressure regulator. Just like with electric, to much pressure is a bad thing. RV plumbing is not copper and therefore not rated for high pressures. Most campground water pressure goes from non-existent to overpowering. If you get a burst of pressure more than your plumbing can handle, you will be mopping up lots of water or worse.

Different Ratings

Pressure regulators come with different pressure ratings. Some are adjustable and some are not. We started out with a small non-adjustable one that is very inexpensive (the one in the picture) and works just fine. You can save a whole lot of aggravation and costly repairs with an investment of under $10. Well worth it, wouldn’t you say? 

Bonus Tip!!!: Always shut your water off completely when you leave the campground. If you leave your water on and a line bursts, you will have a big mess no matter what the pressure is!!!!

We have since moved onto an adjustable water pressure regulator. We can now adjust the pressure coming into the RV. Can you say awesome showers?!!!

We hope this helps!!!

Water… I Need Water

Control Panel

Your working (or playing) around the campground. It’s hot outside but you’re having a great time. Playtimes over and it’s time to fire up the BBQ. Wait, I just want to jump in the shower and freshen up before I cook. Sounds normal right? What happens if you turn the water on and nothing comes out? Hmmm, seems like the campground is having water issues. No problem. Let me call the office and see when it’s being turned on/fixed. 

There Is A Water Maine Break!!!

Oh no!!!! Seems like there was a water main break and it won’t be fixed until the next day. Now what? I’m glad you asked. After something very similar happened to us, we learned real fast to start keeping our freshwater tank full. Water problems can happen for a variety of reasons. If you fill your fresh water tank, you won’t get caught off guard, as we did…lol. 

Too Much Weight

We do not like to travel with a full fresh water tank because it adds to the towing weight. A day or two before we leave a campground we start using the freshwater until it gets to between a quarter and half a tank. That is more than enough for us to make it to our next site where we then replace what we used. When we are at a place that we will be for a while, we refill to full. Since we do not boondock this method works great for us. If you boondock you will need to leave your tank full while you travel or fill it before you get to your spot because your next stop might be in the middle of the mountains where there is no water.

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