Walking Doesn’t Have To Be Boring


Ok so now we are about 3 weeks into the new year. How is everyone doing with their new year’s resolutions? I thought as much…lol. We are not doing all that great this year either. I would like to think we are just off to a slow start. The one good thing with us anyway, is that we have not abandoned our resolution completely. Oh, by the way. You might have figured out that our resolution is the same as nearly everyone else. To get healthier and lose weight.

Are You Ready For Some Football?…& Chips

Ah yes. Get healthier and lose weight. It was so easy to do when I was younger. Now my brain says let’s get up and exercise but my body says sit down, have some chips, and watch the game. Good thing football will be over soon…lol. For some reason, Chris and I have been watching a lot of football this year. Each game seems to mean chips and snacks…lol

Since being on the road full time, one thing that we have always done is walk. Since we are full-time RV’ers we are always in campgrounds and we usually walk the campground. We have walked in the morning, afternoon or at night. Sometimes a combo of both.

It’s Generally Safer

Walking in a campground definitely has its advantages. When you are new to the campground it gives you a chance to look around and see where everything is, check out all the different Rv’s, meet other campers that are staying at that campground, and it’s generally safer than walking down a busy road.

It can also get boring. Let’s face it. We usually stay at campgrounds between 4 and 6 months. In the beginning, it’s great but after a while, you just get tired of seeing the same stuff over and over. We try and mix it up as best we can. We walk one way in the morning and the other way at night. We have gone around the perimeter and up and down the rows.

Foothills From The Park

Where we are staying now, (Sundance RV Resort) we have some great views of the Foothills from certain areas of the campground. That part is cool but the rest of the walk is the same. Same buildings, same campers, same scenery.

So the other night we were talking about what we can do to spruce things up a bit. We love walking but need some kind of extra motivation sometimes. As we talked we realized that our best walks were when we were actually doing things.


One example is Geocaching. We love to Geocache. If you don’t know what that is, see the post we did explaining what it is. View the “What is Geocaching” post. We also have a page on our finds in the different states. Check out “Our Adventures With Geocaching” where we show all our finds. It’s a great way to get out and walk. You wind up getting so into the find that when you are done you didn’t even realize how much you have walked.

New Trails

We also like our “day hikes” that we do. We look for scenic trails that are not to difficult but take us at least a couple of miles. When we do these we will take a backpack, our walking sticks, and a camera and before you know it we have done a couple of miles. Also, for some reason, we seem to get a bit more adventurous when we hike. We will do things like climb up or down hills just to get a good picture or view.

After pondering these thoughts we decided the best way for us to keep walking and not get bored was to mix it up a bit. We will continue to walk the campground because it is just really super convenient. We will also schedule Geocaching trips and more hikes. That way we can get our walks in and still have fun.

Checked Out Our Neighbors

We decided to test out our theory over the last couple of days. We wanted to walk but not in the campground so we went out onto the main road (only for a bit) and walked over to the next campground which is owned by the same company that owns this one. As we walked through that campground we completely got caught up in comparing what that one has to this one. By the time we circled around and started heading back to our own campground, we had already logged double the distance we usually do.

Ok, well that was promising. Doing double the miles, not even realizing it, and having fun while doing it. Could it be that walking could be getting exciting again or was it just a fluke? Time for another test.

What’s A Wash?

The next day we decided to try just driving down the road and parking on a side road near the foothills and walking around makeshift trails. Nothing special just a scenery change. We pulled off on a dirt road and started walking up the wash which is nothing more than an area used for drainage during heavy rain.

As we were walking we decided to check our Geocache app to see if any were nearby. What do you know? There was one. So off we went. 10 minutes later we were logging a cache!!! After finding the cache we continued up the wash. After a short distance, I noticed an American flag sitting atop one of the hills. For some unknown reason, I told Chris I wanted a picture with the flag.

Do Not Wear Sneakers When Hiking

As we started up the side of the hill, we quickly realized we should have worn our hiking boots instead of sneakers. Who knew we would be climbing hills? We were just trying to get a walk-in!!! Anyway, we failed at getting up that hill in that spot because with sneakers we just kept sliding down. Then Chris noticed another way we might be able to get up so we tried again.

Me With Flag

This time we made it!!! We were now taking pictures by the flag on top of the hill. What awesome views. We even saw some more trails we want to go back and do. After getting back to the bottom of the hill and walking back to where the truck was parked we realized it happened again. Not only did we double our normal walk, but we also climbed a huge hill!!!

Maybe there is something to this scenery change thing. Sometimes when we are walking the campground we feel like we barely have enough energy to make a mile or two. Now we are not only doubling our miles but climbing hills in the process!!!

Who says walking is boring!!!

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