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Visiting CapRock Winery


The KOA in Texas that we were workamping at in the summer of 2017, had a fairly stocked store. They sold your normal camping supply stuff like RV accessories, hoses, and misc replacement parts. They also carried gifts like drinking glasses, wind chimes and clothing, and of course the cold drink section.

Entranceway To CapRock Winery
The Entrance To CapRock Winery

My wife’s favorite section was the wine section. They had a small selection of local wines and there was one she really fell in love with. It was “Troubadour Red”. It was from a local winery located in Lubbock Texas. 

Since she enjoyed the wine so much and we were in Texas, it only made sense that we should visit the winery!!! So that is exactly what we did. Earlier in the day, we had taken a drive to the Wind and Power Center in Lubbock. After touring that facility (read about the Wind and Power Center here), we took a ride over to the winery.


Pulling into the parking lot, we were pleasantly surprised. From the venue building to the actual winemaking building to the stunning grounds, everything was neat, clean, and well manicured. Time to go inside.

Stepping inside the building brought you to a nice open room with a fireplace, couches, chairs and a big bar, for the wine tasting of course!!! Continuing through that room and past the bar was another big room.

The Fireplace In The Main Room

This room is called the Barrel Room. It is available for rent 5 days a week. According to their website, it can hold up to 250 guests!!! The day we were there we saw a young couple with a Caprock rep looking at the room and they seemed to be interested in booking an upcoming event. Hmmm, a possible wedding maybe?

If you hang a left at the bar instead of walking straight into the Barrel Room, there is a covered patio where you can sit outside and enjoy your wine. They do give tours of the winery but not on the day we were there. No worries, we took our own…lol. I would call ahead if you wanted to get a tour from a staff member. I think there is a small fee for the tour if you are not going to wine taste at the end. Again, call or visit the website (link provided below) for up to date information.

Operations Center

We walked outside and took a peek into the heart of the winemaking operations. We couldn’t walk through (that’s where the tour would take you) but we were able to get a sneak peak.

Continuing to walk the grounds we found ourselves smack in the middle of the vineyards. After walking through the vineyards we were ready to head back in to pick up a bottle of that Troubadour Red!!! 

Wine Glass

Back inside we went only to find out they were out of the Troubadour Red. Oh no!!! We settled for a souvenir glass. We wound up getting a bottle of it back at the KOA camp store!!!

Date Of Visit: 9/20/17

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TAOW Caprock Winery
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