Valterra Black T58 Twist-On Waste Valve Product Review

Why We Needed This

Our RV has 4 wastewater tanks. We have the same 3 tanks that most RVs have which are the freshwater, greywater, and black tanks. Because we have a rear kitchen model and an outside kitchen with a sink also located in the rear of the unit, we have an extra greywater tank. This tank is located at the rear of the unit while the other tanks are located more towards the front.

Instead of piping the rear greywater tank into the front discharge, Forrest River installed a second discharge to the rear of our RV giving us 2 wastewater discharges. The front discharge handles the black and grey water from the bathroom and the rear is only handling the greywater from the inside and outside sinks.

It is also a great way to fix a broken valve without going through everything needed to remove the old valve and installing a new one.

It Seemed Like A Great Idea

It seems like a great idea at first but it has caused us numerous headaches. The first being that every time we set up I feel like we need an engineering degree to figure out how to set up this array of hoses so they drain properly when we empty our tanks. We need long, short, and y-pieces to make it work. Not to mention the number of sewer supports we need to use. Then to empty it, we have to lay on the ground, wiggle under the slide, then reach up to pull the handle on the valve.

PCV Piping?

When we camped in Mystic 2 summers ago, there was another workamper who had the same problem with his 5th wheel. His valve handle came down a little lower than ours so he was able to fabricate a long handle out of PCV piping and tie wrap it to the valve. When he needed to empty the tank, he would pick up the end of the pipe and use it to open and shut the valve. It worked ok, but what a pain!!!

What’s That Smell?

The second issue and the one that leads us to this review is that the rear discharge valve is under the slide. As I stated earlier, in order to reach the pull handle, you have to climb under the slide and reach up for the pull handle. This was a royal pain in the butt. Being it was such an inconvenience to pull, we decided to leave it open all the time (although we do not like to do that) and that was working ok.


We figured it was only greywater so we shouldn’t have any pyramids building up at the bottom of the tank. If you don’t know what I mean by “pyramids” see our article entitled “Pyramids Of Poop.” We figured the only thing we would have to worry about (leaving it open all the time) is if the campground sewer system backed up causing sewage to get into our grey tank. This is rare but can happen.

That was until we got sewer flies at one campground we were staying at. We were also getting nasty smells coming from the hose. This was due to stuff building on the bottom of the tank. We are very careful about allowing food particles and grease to get down the sink drain while doing dishes but sometimes it does happen.

What’s A Twist-On Waste Valve?

This was getting ridiculous. It was time to do something about it. We stumbled across a post on a Facebook group about people using these “Twist-On” waste valves to repair broken valves. According to these posts, these valves just twist on to the original discharge outlet of your RV. Even though our valve was technically not broken, we had no other ideas to remedy our problem. We figured we had nothing to lose by trying it. We ordered the Valterra Black T58 Twist-On Waste Valve through Amazon. When it arrived, we installed it on the rear waste discharge valve.

You Can Face It Any Direction You Want To

Installing it was just as easy as everyone was saying. You literally connect it to your existing discharge as you would any sewer hose. The pull handle can be faced in any direction you need it to. We faced ours toward the rear of the RV. We can now just reach under and pull it without having to lay down under the slide and reach up.

Almost A Year

We have been using it for over a year now and absolutely love it. This item has been a complete game-changer. This item just twists onto your existing sewer discharge and it is simple to use.

  • Make sure your original RV’s tank discharge valve is closed and/or the tank is empty
  • Install the new twist-on valve over the RV’s original discharge outlet just as you would any sewer hose
  • Make sure the new twist-on valve is closed
  • Install the sewer hose
  • Open the RV’s original tank’s discharge

You Are Now Ready

That’s it!! Now the new twist-on valve handle is the one you will pull. Even though we still have to reach in a little under the slide to pull the handle we do not have to lay down and reach underneath anymore. Adding this valve extends it far enough out that reaching the handle is a breeze to pull.

Discharge Valve

Some Additional Thoughts

This product can remedy a couple of different situations. First, if your original discharge valve is broken you can install this one without turning it into a major plumbing fix. Second, if you are in a situation like us you can use it to extend the pull handle to a point where you can empty your tanks without climbing under the slide.

Uses The Same Bayonet Hooks

This product is built well and is easy to use. Because it sticks out more than the original discharge, we remove it when we travel. Since there is an o-ring seal, you will need to make sure when you remove it you don’t lose the o-ring. The handle pulls smooth with no binding. It uses the same bayonet hooks to attach that your sewer hose uses making a leak-proof seal. It is a 3″ valve which means it will fit most RVs.

Crappy Situation

If there is one downside to this product it would be if you are using a sewer cap and going to a dump station to empty. If this is what you do, be very careful removing the cap or while you are twisting the cap off you will also twist the valve off. This can be a crappy situation. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, if you are careful removing the cap (use one hand to hold the valve assembly and one to twist the cap) you will have no problem.

If you have ever used this product or have any questions about this product leave them in the comment section below

Our Review Summary

Valterra Black T58 Twist-On Waste Valve

Overall Value
Overall Quality
Ease Of Installation
Universal Fitment

Final Thoughts

This product has worked flawlessly for us and should we ever have problems with the front discharge valve we would not hesitate to purchase another one.



  • Fits Most RVs
  • Valve Handle Can Be Set Up In Any Position Needed
  • Much Cheaper And Faster Than Replacing Original Valve
  • No Plumbing Experience Needed To Install


  • If You Are Not Careful When Twisting A Cap Off At The Dump Station, The Entire Valve Twists Off
  • When Removing For Travel, The O-Ring Seal Falls Out Easily

8 thoughts on “Valterra Black T58 Twist-On Waste Valve Product Review”

    • Great idea to have one on hand. Ours has been a game-changer. No more laying down under the slide to pull the handle. It works really well with no leaks. We are super happy with it… Dennis

  1. Hello. Thanks for summarizing such an amazing review for this product.

    I have a small house in the country with a kitchen and I am really looking for a product. I think it would help me a lot. For me the biggest advantage is the price (17,68$)  that allows me to buy an additional one. It is never known when it is broken and I do not have a back up solution.

    Thank’s a lot ! 

  2. Wow what a game changer this waste valve product has provided. All of the problems you was facing sound like every campers nightmare. I don’t have an RV, I have a touring caravan but I can only imagine the pain you guys were going through and i’m sure it was something that probably put a downside to what should be a nice relaxing trip. Being in the caravan world, I have many friends in the community that have motor homes and RVs that can benefit from this so I can make sure I share this amazing review and success story of this valve! Thank you.

    • Lee- You are correct. This product has been a game-changer for us. It was truly a nightmare to have to climb under the slide to empty the rear tank. None of that anymore!!!…lol… Dennis

  3. Your review of the Valterra twist valve is genuine and very credible because you are speaking from your own qualified experience of it.  You have rated it very highly making it an easy product choice and it is a very reasonable price for the purpose. We are looking to retire and take a trip around outback Australia  again so I will be coming back to your site for some valuable tips. 

    Thank you for taking the time to present some very useful information. 

    • Judy- This valve has performed wonderfully for us. It has also made our life much easier now that we don’t have to climb under the slide to empty the tank. Congratulations on your pending retirement. If you have any questions at all on something you see (or don’t see) on the site, feel free to contact us. This has been a great lifestyle for us so far… Dennis


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