Utah Roadside Oddities

One of our absolute favorite things to do when we are out riding around is to find roadside oddities and attractions. We have been known to make many a u-turn while driving down the road. This page will be dedicated to any roadside attractions we have found in the state of Utah.

It will be a constant work in progress as we will add new oddities and attractions every time we find one. Make sure you check back often for new updates. 

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Hole “N” The Rock (Rest Area)

Hole N The Rock

Date Of Sighting: 5/12/19
Location: 11037 US-191
City: Moab

Comments: On our way from the KOA Monument Valley to the KOA Green River we stopped in a rest area to check out this unusual attraction. The “Hole “N” The Rock is actually a tourist stop located a little south of this rest area. It features a gift shop, general store, a petting zoo, and a 12 minute guided tour of the “Hole N The Rock” house. The rest area itself features hiking/nature trails and restrooms.

TAOW Hole N The Rock Rest Area

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