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When we set off on our full-time adventure, we envisioned lots of traveling, sightseeing, and good times. We have experienced all of that and more. Here we are 6+ years later, one seemingly never-ending pandemic, and an economy teetering on disaster and we are still in our RV. That being said we are going to switch it up a little. Here are our updated plans. At least for now we are going to stay in this campground for a year or two stationary.

That’s Certainly A Change In Plans

We have thoroughly enjoyed our travels in our RV. We have clocked thousands & thousands of miles and crisscrossed the country a few times since 2016. I will not get into all the cool spots we have visited or all the cool (and not so cool) campgrounds we have visited as you can see them all on this site. I will leave the links below if you want to check these out.

Campground Reviews

Cool Day Trips

So What’s Changed

A lot, actually. Although we still love traveling and visiting cool places (that will never stop for us) our experience in Montana has made us step back and re-evaluate things. If you don’t know what happened to us in Montana, use the link below to get brought up to speed.

The Trip From Hell

It was not so much the breakdown itself. It was the complete overall experience of things that took place around the breakdown. The single most frustrating part of the whole experience was not the axle breaking (I could have fixed that in the parking lot if I had the parts) it was the lack of businesses willing to help and the lack of parts needed to fix the problem.


As a former shop owner myself, I found it inconceivable that over half the shops we called did not answer their phone or call back when we left a message, about a quarter of the shops stated they did not do that type of work (really? an axle? they all sold trailers and everyone we called had large shops) and the rest stated it would be over a month before they even LOOKED at it.

The New Way Of Business

Back when I had my shop I took almost everything. I say almost because there were some makes of vehicles that needed specialty equipment that I just didn’t have. Even if I couldn’t help, I was able to refer them to someone who could. Also, I always answered my phone and/or called back anyone who left a message whether I could help or not.

It seems like most businesses nowadays have found a way to use the pandemic to cut the services they don’t “feel” like doing. I understand there are some worker shortages but that was not the case (for the most part) with us. That’s enough on that. I have fully covered that in previous articles. Mini rant over, now back to today.

Lake Ned Dock

Arriving back in Florida, we decided to take a little break. We found a nice no-frills RV park that is not a 55 + over (even though we certainly qualify…lol) that had yearly leases at a reasonable price. This will give us time to sit back, relax, and ponder our next move. It also puts us halfway between Chris and my grandkids. There is even a nice fishing dock/boat ramp on Lake Ned less than 1 mile from our campground. Now, all we have to do is learn how to fish!!!…lol

Buy a House? Land? Rent an Apartment?

No, no, and no…lol. Buying/renting something is not what we are into. It’s too permanent. Since we are unsure how we will like staying in one spot we don’t want to purchase anything right now. As far as renting, we don’t like the idea of anyone living above or below us.

Buying a single/double wide in a campground? Maybe, not now but I will not rule it out in the future (distant future).

We Love Our RV

Besides we love the campground setting and we love our RV. We are very comfortable in it. Even if it needs a bunch (a bunch) of repairs. Right now we just want to hang out and enjoy where we are. We have a nice wide site in a basic no-frills park that’s very quiet. Our plan is to start the repairs in the fall (too hot to work in the summer here in Florida) and do a little at a time. We will see how long it takes to complete but we will not rush.

What About Traveling & Exploring?

There will still be plenty of that. It will just be different ways. In the future, we will utilize cabins, hotels, teepees, igloos, yurts, or any other cool things we can find. We also LOVE state parks and will be visiting them starting in the fall when the temperature drops below 100 degrees…lol. We definitely have some cool trips lined up.

Time Will Tell

The thing is we decided to do this for a year or two. After that, we will decide what we want to do. That’s the beauty of not buying something now. If we want to hit the road again we are ready. If not we stay. It’s a win/win. Down the line, if we decide this is still the way for us to go (living in our RV stationary) we might start looking into a smaller RV for our road trips. Possibly (more than likely) a class B van RV. Who knows, too early to tell.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom line. We are temporarily going to stay in this location (in our RV) full-time and maybe learn to fish…maybe. We will take the next year or two to evaluate this style of living. After all, we have been full-time travelers since 2016!!! I think we can give this a try for a year or two. After that, we will decide if this is for us or if we should hit the road again full-time if we should buy something, or maybe even something else. We will always travel and explore and we will still be updating this website with informative and & cool stuff.

Have You Ever Thought Of Staying Stationary In Your RV Or Are You Stationary Now? If So, Let Us Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below

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