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Trout Lake Nature Center


Located in Lake County Florida this is just another one of Florida’s little gems. This place has a little of everything. We were out on the bike just enjoying the day when we came upon this place.

Large Oak 1

We always pack our own lunch when we are out for the day and since we arrived around noon, we decided to eat before checking the place out. We ate lunch under the big grandfather oak tree towards the front gate. After lunch, we decide to look for a geocache that was supposed to be located near the gate. After about 20 minutes or so we gave up. Had to mark that one a DNF (did not find.)

Alligator 2

This place has a few different short but not too difficult hiking trails. All the trails are about .25 miles long. One of the trails has a cool little swinging bridge. Another leads to the dock overlooking Trout Lake. We spent a little time on the dock and were able to catch a couple of alligators making their way across the lake.

Walkway With No Handrail

Most of the trails wind their way around the nature center showing off the area’s vegetation. Each trail was short and led you around the nature center winding up back at the parking lot.

Nature Center

Located at either end of the parking lot were 2 different museums. There were restrooms located in each one. Outside of the buildings was a cool little area with some turtles.


Trout Lake Nature Center runs various programs and events throughout the year. If you are looking for something to do for an afternoon, stop in and check this place out.

Date Of Visit: April 2017


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