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Travel Trailers


Travel trailers are usually the first type of RVs people will look at and buy. They come in various sizes and can be pulled with anything from lightweight trucks to heavy-duty trucks for the bigger ones. They are the favorites of part-timers but can be used for the full-time lifestyle also. I currently own a travel trailer and I’m very happy with it. There are many different styles of travel trailers including but not limited to teardrop, pop up, park models, pop-up utility trailers, A-frame, and toy haulers.

Pop Up
Pop-Up Trailer

The travel trailer and 5th wheel trailer have mostly the same characteristics except for the way they attach to your vehicle. The travel trailer attaches to your vehicle via a hitch located at the rear of the vehicle. This leaves the bed of the truck open for storage or in my case open to put my motorcycle in!!!

Tear Drop
Teardrop Trailer
A-Frame Trailer
Pop Up Utility Trailer
TT Toy Hauler
Toy Hauler


They can be towed by a variety of vehicles
Less expensive to buy and maintain than motorized units
Once set up at camp, you have your tow vehicle to sightsee or run errands


Less stable to tow than 5th wheels
Storage space is limited
Difficult to get used to backing into spaces

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