Toy-Haulers come in many different versions. There are Toy-Hauler motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers. Although the classes are different, the idea remains the same. They are built for taking your toys with you.

Courtesy of Jayco: 2016 Jayco Seismic 5th Wheel Toy-Hauler

On a Toy-Hauler type RV, either the back wall, a portion of the side wall, or a combination of both will unlatch and come down to form a ramp. This ramp is utilized for loading and unloading your toys. A lot of the newer toy-haulers are starting to utilize the ramps for patios when not being used as a ramp.

The garage area of these toy haulers vary and so do the tie down methods. Some are separated from the main living area by walls with doors, some have sliding glass doors, some have no separation at all. Those are usually found ion the shorter ones.

Courtesy Of Jayco: Jayco Octane Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Most toy-hauler garage areas turn into either a living room, bedroom or both once you have removed your toys. People will generally haul motorcycles, golf carts, or ATV’s. Many toy haulers also come equip with an auxiliary gas pumping station and tank so you can fill your toys without having to run back and forth to a gas station.

Although these units were mainly developed for hauling toys, more and more people are starting to utilize this space for things like workshops, home offices, storage or even playrooms for the kids.


– Large Open Space For Bring Along Your Toys
– Can Be Used As A Workshop Or Hobby Room
– Once the toys are out, space can be used as an open area living room or even a bedroom


– You are giving up the living area while using the space for toys or storage
–  If you don’t have a wall or some kind of separation, you could possibly get some of the “toy” fumes (gas or diesel) while hanging out in your RV.
– Toy-haulers are generally heavier than basic 5th wheels or travel trailers so you might need a bigger truck to tow it.

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