Tips For Riding In A Group

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Someone Has To Be Prepared

When riding in a group anything can happen. Breakdowns can and will happen. It’s only a matter of time. Many times they are simple things that can be rectified with a few standard tools.

This weeks tip is that someone in the group should always be carrying tools. Just a basic set will do. That way if someone’s mirror loosens up, no problem, loose battery cable, no problem. You get the idea. The set below should have you covered for most emergency’s.

Hey, Wait For Me I’m Empty

Anytime you are involved in a group ride of any kind, make sure you show up for that ride with a full tank of gas, a full belly, and an empty bladder. Unless of course, you are meeting for breakfast!!! Please see our Group Riding post for full details on group riding.

What Stop Sign?

Obey All Traffic Laws– When riding in a group it’s very easy to become obsessed with what the group is doing and forget to watch for traffic lights, speed limits, and stop signs. This can cause serious injury or death to either you or others. Unless you are in an “Escorted” ride where intersections are being blocked by the proper authorities, you need to obey all traffic laws. If you have followed my advice in my ” Group Riding” article you will have collected the itinerary of the complete route with stops. This way if you get separated at a light, stop sign, or the group is riding too fast, you can always catch up to them at the next stop.

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