Tips For Riding At Night


Welcome to our “Tips For Riding At Night Page.” We are not big fans of riding at night but sometimes there is just no choice. Everything you need to watch for and pay attention to while riding during the day becomes “in addition to” items for riding at night. For example, both during the day you have to watch out for oncoming traffic but at night the added risk becomes the potential blinding headlights from the oncoming traffic.

At night it becomes more difficult to see random objects in the road, pot holes, and animals running out. I think you get our point. This page is not to scare you from riding at night but to help you out if you find yourself riding at night.

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Lights, Lights, and More Lights

Building on the last tip of upgrading your headlight we will simply say add more lights. We have added an additional LED light bar to the rear that blinks when you first hit the brake then goes solid. This way anyone behind you will see something flashing and (hopefully) automatically start slowing down.

Front Light Bar

Another addition of lighting is a front light bar. These will help brighten the road and allow anyone coming from a side street to see you coming. There are also auxiliary lights you can put down lower on the bike to help illuminate the road at night so you can see any potential hazards like objects in the road or potholes.


Just remember when adding additional lighting to check the rating of your alternator. You want to make sure your alternator is strong enough to handle the extra electrical load.

Ride Often/Ride Safe

Brighten Up The Road

Another way to improve your night ride is to improve your lighting. We don’t particularly like to ride at night but we always seem to find ourselves out after the sun goes down. I think that has to do with the number of times we stop and take pictures during a ride…lol


One step we took to improve our vision at night was to upgrade our headlight. There are many options for upgrading but we chose a LED light. We have found that it greatly improves our sight at night. We chose the one below. Make sure if you order one you choose the right one for your bike.

Backroads Can Be Dark

We love taking backroads. The problem with backroads at night is that animals tend to love to jump out onto the roads after dark. The LED headlight has been extremely helpful in spotting activity whether it be animals, debris in the road, or even someone pulling out from a side street.

We hope this helps. Have a great week!!!

Ride Often/Ride Safe

Slow Down!!!

Riding at night presents way more challenges than riding during the day. The biggest tip ( and the most obvious one) I can give you that pertains to night riding is to adjust your speed. Another word…Slow Down!!!

Visibility is reduced at night and by slowing down you will give yourself more time to react to a nighttime road hazard. By riding a little slower at night it will also give other drivers more time to react when they see you.

Lastly, if you are riding a little slower at night it will allow you to scan the road for animals that may jump into your path. If your riding slower it will allow you more options to avoid the collision.

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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