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The Yearling Trail

The location of this trail is on SR19 approx 6.2 miles north of the intersection of SR19 and SR40. There is a large sign at the turnoff for this trailhead. The Yearling Trail is a free trail.

This trail is about the history of Reuben and Sara Jane Long. There was also a book and movie with the title “The Yearling” and some scenes from the movie were shot on Pat’s Island.

No Trees Blocking Sky
Looking Up From The Trail
Looking Down The Trail
Looking Down The Trail

The hike is supposed to about 5.5 miles long. This was a little ambitious for us because we are still newbies in the hiking world.

Sink Hole Uplook
Looking down into the sinkhole

We didn’t exactly follow the hike as we were supposed to ( I told you, we are newbies!!!…lol) and wound up hiking 6 miles and not seeing everything. We were close but a few bad decisions had us doing some extra hiking…lol.

The Long Cemetery
The Long Family Cemetery

The highlights of this trail were listed as the remains of; a cattle dip, their homestead, giant sinkhole, the Long cemetery, the homestead of Long’s daughter and her family and Calvin Long’s field.

Open Trails

We saw everything but the cattle dip and Calvin Long’s field.

Yearling Trail Shrubbery

The sinkhole was a nice spot to stop, sit down and hydrate.

Hat Rack In Yearling
Makes a Good Hat Rack
Long Homestead
Long Family Homestead
Tree On A Diet
Hungry Birds???
Giant Sinkhole
Giant Sink Hole

The terrain was relatively easy to negotiate. The ground was fairly level but has some sections of soft sand. There were a lot of sections where there were no trees so if it’s sunny, it will be beating down on you. Bring a hat. We sprayed ourselves up with bug spray at the trailhead so bugs were not an issue here.

Date of Visit: January 2017

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