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Me and the Car
Being Dropped Off In Front
Car Front View
This Is What Picks You Up and Drops You Off
Inside Car View
View From Inside The Car

First, let me say I generally would not add a restaurant to a day trip adventure. We do not eat at restaurants often. I decided to add this because we love photo ops and this place had a ton of them!!! Even though it’s not really a day trip, it was still a fun time and a must-do if you are ever in Amarillo Texas.

Front of Store
View From Front Parking Lot
The Cow
Face in the Hole
Do You See Me?

We are staying at the KOA in Amarillo and they will call and set up a shuttle pick up right from the campsite. They pick up a fairly large part of the surrounding area. If you are driving yourself, the parking lot is pretty big with an area for RVs in the rear. We figured that it was a good idea to take the shuttle since we wanted to sample some local beer.

RT 66 Sign
They Moved Off RT 66 To The Interstate
Bar Overview
View When You First Walk-In
Cowboy and Indian
Well Hello There

We were picked up by a super nice guy driving the shuttle. On the way there he explained the history of the restaurant and what to expect when we get there. He also explained where the pickup point was so we knew where to catch the shuttle to get back.

Me and the Bear
Did Anyone See a Bear?
Shooting Gallery
Shooting Gallery
Old Man
Hello There Mister

Upon arrival, we took photos with the shuttle car which of course has horns…lol. We moved on to do some silly pictures with the big cow statue and the face in the hole thing. Inside there is a large gift shop to your left and a little ice cream bar on your right.

Man in Crapper
Dude, Shut The Door!!!
Me in the Chair
I Did It!!! I Finally Lost Weight and Inches!!!
Totem Pole

We walked straight through the building and did some more photo ops with some of the displays we found throughout the building. They also had a small hallway with pictures hanging on the wall that change as you walk by.

Me in Jail
Let Me Out!!!
Chris at Stagecoach
She’s Leaving Me
Anyone Want To Jam?

After having fun with the photo ops we head to the restaurant. We went a little early. It was around 5 pm so it was not that crowded. We were seated right away. We ordered a beer sampler and had fun sampling the different types of beer, The service was average but the food was pretty good. We both got the steaks and they were cooked correctly and tasted good. No complaints.

Bear with Bow
Don’t Worry. I’ll Get Him!!!
Big Boot
Everything Is Bigger In Texas
RT 66 at Fence
Rt 66

After eating we had to stop and get some ice cream. There are benches and rocking chairs on the porch to sit and relax in and that’s exactly what we did.

Moving Art
These Pictures Change As You Walk By!!!
Moose Head
The One That Didn’t Get Away
Ice Cream
Ice Cream!!!… Yummy!!!
Me in the Hat
How Do I Look?
Horns On Shelf
I Think That Would Fit Perfect On My Truck
Multiple Mooseheads
I Guess There Were A Few That Didn’t Get Away

All in all, we had a great experience and lots of fun with photo ops. The food was good and the prices were average for a steakhouse. As I said earlier, if you are ever in Amarillo this is a fun way to have a meal.

Dining Room Overview 2
Dining Area On The Main Floor
Dining Room Overview 1
Another View Of The Dining Area
Beer Samples
Beer Sampler
Time To Eat

Date Of Visit: May 2017


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