Texas Geocaches

Texas Caches

Geocaching has become a really fun way for us to add to our adventures. Whenever we go somewhere, we find ourselves popping open the app to see what’s nearby. We don’t have a hand-held GPS so we use the phone app. If you would like to learn more about Geocaching in general, please read my blog post about Geocaching. I explain all the basic terms and what exactly Geocaching is. I also show and list what some of the containers look like that people use.

The Proposal

Fake Sprinkler Geocache

Date: 8/25/17
Type of Cache: Small Cylinder
Location: Medical Center Park
City: Amarillo

Description: Out on a motorcycle ride, we turned into a medical park and found the coolest little lake/pond with trails. We had to get off the bike and stroll. Guess what? There were caches there!!! This one was a clever little hide that looked like an in-ground sprinkler. We almost went right by it. I was learning how to use the app “Snap Chat” and that’s what I took the picture of the cache with. What I didn’t know was that when you take a picture with “Snap Chat” after a little while the picture disappears forever. Oops, lesson learned. The picture above is similar to the cache find. It is not the actual cache.

Shelby and Coleby’s Treasure Cache

Shelby and Colby Treasure Cache

Date: 8/17/17
Type of Cache: Medium Plastic Tub
LocationPalo Duro Canyon State Park
City: Canyon

Description: Wow!!! Palo Duro was so beautiful. The first time we were there it was over 100 degrees. We were not Geocaching that day. We returned about a month later with my daughter who was visiting from New York. As we were taking in the beauty of a look-out we were on, I decided to open the ole Geocache app. After walking around in some prickly shrubs, voila. The cache!!!

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