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Many times while we are relaxing at our campsite, we like to sit at the rear of our RV and watch the planes and helicopters take off and land at the airport behind us. Bell Helicopter is located there and makes one of the coolest helicopters I have ever seen. The Osprey. They put them together and then test fly them. It’s awesome. The military also does what I believe is called “touch and go’s.” This is where the airplane lands but then takes off again without actually stopping completely.

Cone Of A Shuttle

As Chris and I were relaxing and searching the internet for cool things to do, we realized there is a museum located at the airport. How cool is that we thought. Anyway, we decided to take a ride over.

Cockpit 1
I Would Never Fit In There

The Texas Air And Space Museum is located at the Rick Husband International Airport. When you enter you are in a little office area and are greeted by someone at the desk. After talking to the guide, we found out the museum had to relocate from their old location and they are currently looking for a new home. Their temporary location has them spread out throughout the airport and in order to see some of the displays, you must walk through actual airport buildings. For this reason, you must be escorted.

Cockpit 3
Just Tell Me Where The Fuel Gauge Is!!!

Being escorted was actually a good thing because our guide was extremely knowledgeable about all the displays. As we walked around all the displays, we were also able to see the airport activity up close and personal. The only thing that could have been better is if Bell helicopter was test flying an Osprey.

Space Shuttle Tire
Space Shuttle Tire

Some of the displays you were actually able to go in and look. It appears the aircraft of yesteryear were built for very short pilots because I sure couldn’t fit…lol. The entrance is free although they do accept donations. Remember, they are trying to finance a permanent home.

Mash Helicopter
MASH Helicopter

So if you are interested in old aircraft and a little Texas air and space history and don’t want to spend a full day in one location, this is a good little stop. You can make your way through this entire museum in about an hour to an hour and a half.  

Dennis Radar
I Actually Look Like I Know What I’m Doing

Date Of Visit: June 2017


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