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Tennessee Geocaches

Tennessee Caches

Geocaching has become a really fun way for us to add to our adventures. Whenever we go somewhere, we find ourselves popping open the app to see what’s nearby. We don’t have a hand-held GPS so we use the phone app. If you would like to learn more about Geocaching in general, please read my blog post about Geocaching. I explain all the basic terms and what exactly Geocaching is. I also show and list what some of the containers look like that people use.

HWY.68 Power Run #34

HWY 68 Power Run 34

Date: 4/4/18
Type of Cache: Small Cylinder
Location: Near Watts Bar Dam
City: Peakland

When we set up camp in Tennessee we decided to do a quick local trip. Some of the people told us about a dam that was fairly close so we took a ride. After checking out a small scenic overlook near the dam, we decided to check to see if there were any caches nearby. We found the closest one was just on the other side of the dam. So off we went. After crossing the dam there was a small parking lot. When we pulled in we found a little scenic trail that looped around and back to the lot. After walking the trail we set out to find the cache. Chris made short work of it.

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