Taking Surveys

One way you can make money on the road is by taking online surveys. I have never had any luck doing this but I know some people have had moderate success. I don’t know of anybody that has made enough money taking online surveys to be able to support themselves but if you are really lucky you might be able to get a few bucks a month.

Keep This In Mind

If you are going to try this I want you to keep one thing in mind. Just know when you sign up for any survey company be prepared to get spam bombed. Your information/email is sold to hundreds if not thousands of companies. My advice to you if you want to try this is to create a separate email account for surveys only. There are plenty of free accounts you can sign up for.

Just “Google” Surveys

To get started you will need to find a survey company. Believe me, all you have to do is google “surveys” and you will have more than enough names to get started with. Be careful which one you choose. There are a lot of scams out there.

Here Is A Partial List

Here is a list of some of the survey companies that I know of. Please know that I do not endorse any of these companies. I am simply listing them here for reference should you want to give them a try.

  • Swag Bucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Opinion Outpost
  • My Points
  • Survey Planet
  • My Survey

Some survey companies will reward you with points that you can cash in at certain levels and others will reward you with cash. Sometimes you will get gift cards. No matter what you will need to take numerous surveys to build up any type of rewards.

Here’s How They Work

Once you have signed up for a company, they are going to ask you for all sorts of information about you and your household. They will tell you that they need this information so they can send you surveys that pertain to you.

My Opinion Only

In my opinion I think they gather this information so they can market your email to there appropriate advertisers. Again, this is my opinion.

As you complete these informational surveys you will get points/dollars. A lot of companies also will throw in game type things to get you a few more points/dollars (cents)

After The Initial Info Is Completed

Once your info is all complete if there are any surveys available they will list them for you and tell you how many points/dollars (or should I say cents) they are worth.

Time To Pick A Survey

You will now pick a survey. They will ask you a few questions before you start. I never understood this part because you already filled out extensive information when you signed up.

Not Always Selected

You will not always get selected for a survey. I found that with a couple of companies that I tried, every time I tried to do a survey they said I don’t qualify. It gets really annoying after a while when you spend more time trying to qualify for surveys then actually taking them.

Some Tasks Are Fun

If you are approved for the survey you selected, you will spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes on average to complete it. I must admit some of the surveys are fun. Along with the typical “rate this statement” type questions they will mix in a video or sound clip that you will need to answer questions on.

Complete A Survey, Pick A New Survey, Repeat

Once complete you will get your points/dollars (cents) and be able to move onto another survey if available. You can repeat this process as many times as you like as long as there are more surveys in the question and you have more time.

A Quick Story (Or Not So Quick)

One of the companies I tried recently was called “Inbox Dollars.” It was recommended from several other websites so I figured I would give it a try. After the sign up process I started looking at surveys and the different things they had to make money.

Maybe Good For Gas Money?

I spent a few hours moving about the site trying things and before I logged out I had about $7 in my account. That’s not a lot of money but the best I have ever done trying any survey company. I was thinking that maybe this may be a good way to make some gas money.

It All Changed In An Instant

That all changed very quickly when I logged onto the site the very next day. The money was gone and they said my account was penalized for breaking the rules. What? What the hell is going on?

Live Chat

So I did a live chat and the person in the chat room told me the same thing. When I pressed for an answer I was given a section of their rules that included multiple things. When I asked which rule I broke they admitted they had no idea and would forward it to someone who could answer me.

The Next Day I Received The Email Below:

“Dear Member,

As explained in the first section of our Terms of Membership, it is a violation to use methods for the purpose of obscuring or blocking the country and/or physical location of a device used to connect to the site.

This includes the use of a Proxy or VPN service to access the account on Inboxdollars.com.

We have found that this account has been using a VPN/Proxy or other means to block or prevent the organic IP address of the device/computer used to access the site at Inboxdollars.com.

As such, this account has been removed and funds are no longer available due to the violation.

Member Services Rep.”

Unanswered Replies

My reply email to her went unanswered. These are the types of things I have found with survey companies. I personally know very little about VPN/Proxy and blocking device/computer access. All I know is that I have a Mac and log onto the web using a variety of hotspots from my different phones.

If after reading this you still would like to try and make a few bucks from surveys here are some pros and cons.


  • Surveys are generally easy to complete
  • Each company has other ways besides surveys to make money


  • Very lengthy sign-up process
  • You will need to answer a lot of personal questions
  • Your email address will be sold to numerous companies
  • They can delete your account at any time taking away anything you had built up
  • You will spend numerous hours to make a few cents

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of survey companies out there. Over the years I have tried many of them with very poor results. In my opinion, they are not worth the time and effort to sign up for. Also in my opinion most survey companies just want to gather as much information on you so they can sell that information to their clients.

Tips If You Are Going To Move Forward

  • Limit the amount of personal information you give. Never give your SS#, Drivers License #, or any medical info
  • As I mentioned above, create an email account just for surveys
  • Make sure you have anti-virus and Malware software installed on your computer and it’s up to date

In my opinion, there are much better ways to make a few bucks to help yourself support your full-time lifestyle. The dollar amount per hour you will earn is extremely low. I personally do not recommend wasting any time taking surveys.

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