Suwannee River State Park


As we near the end of our stay here in Lake City, Florida, we wanted to get in at least one more state park. In looking at our options, we chose the Suwannee River State Park.

It was one of the best decisions we ever made. This park is probably my favorite park of all the parks we have visited in Florida to date. There is just something about this place that screams relaxation, calm, and peace.

View Of The Suwannee River Behind The Swing

Whether you are sitting on a swing overlooking the Suwannee River, having a snack or meal at one of their picnic tables, or hiking one of the trails, a sense of calm is with you.

There is a $5 fee to enter the park but it’s probably the best $5 you will ever spend. After passing the Ranger station (entrance) you drive on to the parking area. Here you will find the picnic tables, swings, and 2 very clean bathhouses.

Pay Station

From here you can either sit and relax overlooking the Suwannee River or start to hike one of the trails. We chose to sit and relax at first and just take everything in. Being we came in the off-season probably goes a long way towards that peace-fullness I refer to…lol.

We actually came to this park twice. The first time we totally relaxed and did most of the trails but it was starting to get late and decided not to do the last trail and a half. Just in case you were wondering, we only found one Geocache and it was on our first trail.


After relaxing on the swing and staring into the river for a while, we decided to start hiking the trails. The first trail we did was The Sandhill Trail. It is listed as .8 of a mile and is where we found the cache. See “Our Adventures With Geocaching” page for more information on the cache. About halfway through the trail, we came upon a civil war era cemetery.

After exiting the Sandhills Trail we went to our left and walked The Earthworks Trail. The Earthworks Trail is only .25 of a mile and is more like a nature walk. On this trail, you will find artifacts from a 19th-century steamboat.

The Suwannee River Trail

The Suwannee River Trail was next. This trail was listed as .7 mile. It followed along the Suwannee River giving some awesome views along the way. At the beginning of this trail is the boat ramp for those who would like to go out on kayaks or canoes. At the end is Little Gem Spring Overlook. When the Suwannee River is at lower levels it feeds into it and is visible from this point. See video. When the water levels in the river are high, you won’t see the spring feeding into it.

At the end of the trail, you will need to decide whether to take the Balance Rock Trail or the Lime Sink Run Trail. On day one of our visit we chose to cut across to the LimeSink Run trail and head back. The reason being is we wanted to check the rest of the park out before it got dark.

As we made our way back towards the park, the first thing you will see on your left side is the rental cabins. They looked more like rental houses!!! Definitely, work looking into if you wanted to camp there but had no RV.

Back on the main road heading towards the park, you will find the playground on your right side. It was a large playground that appeared to be in very good condition. The kids will love it.

Our Final Loop

Ok, our final loop was the campground area. It is not a very large area but we were very impressed. First of all, they are all full hook-up sites!!!. There are also sites that are able to handle larger RV’s. The campground is clean and well laid out. The day we walked through people were relaxing and had no problem throwing us a wave and a hello. Just about every camper had a kayak or canoe on their site.

We were so impressed with the campground and park in general, when we got back to the RV we tried to get a site for our last week in Florida. Unfortunately, there were none. Maybe next time. Now that we know it can accommodate us.

Trip # 2

On our second trip back we took the motorcycle since we only had 1.5 trails left. We headed out on the Balance Rock trail. This trail is approx. 3 miles long. Like the Suwannee River Trail, it followed along the banks of the Suwannee River. The first half of the trail showcased great views of the river while the second half highlighted the area vegetation.

The Turtles

At the end of the Balance Rock Trail, we made a sharp left to finish the second half of the Lime Sink Run Trail that we started our first time there. This half of the trail was a pleasant surprise. It dipped into really cool vegetation and water views. We even saw a bunch of turtles lined up on a log. It wound past a primitive group tent camping site before ending up back at the boat ramp.

If you are ever in northern Florida and have some extra time, I would highly recommend you stop at this park.

If you have ever been to this park or have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below.

Suwannee River State Park
3631 201st Path

Live Oak, Fl 32060


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