Stonington Point/ Pachaug State Forest Loop

The Stonington/Pachaug Forest Loop ride is a nice laid-back scenic run that can easily be done on a lazy afternoon. It features 2 stops where you can get off the bike, relax, and grab some great photos.

Started At KOA Mystic

I started this loop from KOA/Mystic (which is actually in N. Stonington) because we were camping there. You can start this route at the Mobil gas station which is only about 4 miles from the campground.

From the Mobil gas station, you will make a right onto West Broad St. In about 3 miles you will make a left onto US1. Once you make the left, there is a little memorial park on the right if you want to grab some pictures.

A Little Bit Of Everything

As you move on, you will see a mix of commercial businesses, farmland, and water views. Although this was the main road, it moved along well. We were even able to grab a water view pic along the way.

Continuing to Water Street, you will make a left. This road will become a skinny one-way road that will lead you directly to Stonington Point. There is a parking lot where you will be able to get off the bike and take in some awesome views of Block Island Sound. If you are into lighthouses, you can walk up the road a short distance and tour the lighthouse for a small fee.

When you are ready to move on, you will head back up Water Street until you get to the one way part. At this point, you will make a right. There will be a display of canons on the corner.

After making your way back to Water Street, you will make a right and head towards the Alpha Avenue Fork. Stay to the right, cross over the bridge and make your first left. Turn left on Trumble Ave. and take down to North Main St. Make a right onto North Main St. This is a very busy touristy/commercial area but traffic was not terrible.

The General Store Is On Your Right

Take North Main Street to Pequot Trail. Take Pequot Trail to Rt 27 and make a right. Rt 27 will curve around to the left and turn into Old Mystic Road. There will be a General Store on your right. Keep following Rt 27 until you reach Rt 184 (Gold Star Highway). Follow Gold Star Highway to Pumpkin Hill Rd and make a  right.

Take Pumpkin Hill Rd to Gallup Hill Rd and make a left. Gallup Hill Rd will curve around to the left at a school. At this point go straight. You will now be on Spicer Hill Rd. The area you will be driving through provides some nice tree covered streets.

No Signs Say RT 214

Take Spicer Hill Rd to Iron St (Rt 214) and make a right. There are no signs that say Rt 214. They will say Iron St. Take this road to Shewville Rd and make a left. Follow Shewville Rd until the end. Make a right on CT2. There are no signs for CT2. Follow CT2 to Rt 164 and make a left. Follow Rt 164 to Rt 395.

As you travel through the area you will notice the abundance of stone walls. From what I have been told by the locals here, those stone walls were used as property boundaries.

Stay Left At The Fork

Once you make the right onto Rt 395 you will take it to exit 24 and make a right at the end of the ramp. This will be Rt 201/Hopeville Rd. You will come to a fork and you will stay left. This is a little confusing here but if you stay to your left you will continue on Hopeville Rd/Stone Hill Rd.

Stone Hill Rd will turn into Hell Hollow Rd. Hell Hollow Rd will take you into the Pachaug State Forest. This section of road is closed between Jan-Mar. This was one of our favorite parts of the route as it leads you through a beautiful tree-lined road to Hell Hollow Pond. There will be a small section that you can pull off and park.

This is where we pulled over and just took in the peace and quiet of the forest. As we always do, we had packed some snacks and this was the perfect place to enjoy them. You might want to have a little bug spray on hand. It had been rainy in this area and there were quite a bit of bugs in the area but not enough to ruin the moment.

After Relaxing We Were Off And Running

After relaxing and taking in the scenery for a while we were off and running. Follow Hell Hollow Road out of the forest and take it to the first intersection. This will be RT49. Make a right. Continue on Rt49 past the Christmas tree farm and take it to Rt 165.

Make a right on Rt 165 and go about a half a mile. You will come up to a fork. Bear to your left at the fork and make a quick left onto Pendleton Hill Rd. Follow Pendleton Hill Rd all the way back to the KOA.

A Couple Of Quick Notes

A couple of notes. First, as you travel down Pendleton Hill Rd, you will come up to a confusing 3-way intersection. There are no signs but you will need to make a right at this intersection to continue on Pendleton Hill Rd. If you all of a sudden find yourself on Rt 216 (Clark Falls Rd) you missed the turn.

The second note is if you didn’t start at the KOA and started at the Mobil Station, just go back to the beginning of the route to find your way back to Mobil. At this point, you will see multiple signs for I-95 and can head in almost direction you want to.

Ride Completed: 6/21/18
Approximate Total Miles:62

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We have a printable Left/Right direction sheet available for this ride on Google Sheets. If you would like to view/print these directions, use the link below.

Stonington Point/Pachaug Forest Loop Left/Right Sheet

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