Spring Canyon

Spring Canyon is a Valley in North Texas just Northwest of Sanford. It is a small picnic area with a dam on one side and a small beach area on the other side.

Follow The Rules Sign
Be Cool. Follow The Rules!!!

View Of The Beach
View Of The Beach

It is accessed off Rt 687 (Main St). You will drive down a winding road the declines into the canyon. The first thing you will come upon a small bird walk.

Bird Walk Long View
Begining Of The Bird Walk

Picture From The Bird Walk

End Of Bird Walk
The End Of The Bird Walk

After you exit the bird walk area you will continue to a part of the Canadian River. There are picnic tables with BBQs on both sides of the river.

Bike At Bird Walk
Bike At The Bird Walk Entrance

Picnic Table
Covered Picnic Area

View Of Bird Watch from Opposite Side
View Of The Bird Walk From Across The Water

On one end is the beach area where swimming is allowed. So if it’s hot and you or anyone in your family needs to cool off, this is where you might want to be.

Swimming No Swimming
Notice The Fish Is Heading For The Swimming Section…lol

Fishing Sign
What You Are Allowed To Catch

No Swimming Except Scuba Diving
Well Than, I Think I Will Scuba Dive

A little further up on either side, scuba diving is allowed. So you can pack your lunch and cool off and scuba dive. There is fishing allowed but you must have a Texas fishing license.

Up The Stairs View
Steps To The Water On The Opposite Side Of The Beach

Across Water Mountain View
Nice View From The Beach

Wetlands Sign

View Across Water At Picnic Area
More Water Views

View Of The Mountainside
View Of Picnic Tables From Across The Water

View Across The Stone Steps
Stone Steps

Then on the very end of the Canyon is the Sanford Dam. Obviously, you will not be scuba diving near the intakes or you might wind up on the other side of the Dam!!!…lol.

All in all Spring Canyon is a nice place if you just want to relax, unwind, bbq, or take a dip in the river to cool off. A nice peaceful way to spend the day. There is no entry fee for this park.

Date Of Visit: May 2017

Spring Canyon, Texas 79078


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