Schoodic National Scenic Byway Loop


We did this ride while we were staying at Timberland Acres RV Park. For a neutral starting point for those that don’t camp I will start this ride at the Dunkin Donuts in Ellsworth.

I usually start at a place that has the 3 essentials to start a ride. Food, gas, and a bathroom. Since this stop you will only get the food and bathroom you will need to stop for fuel separately. No worries though as it’s less than a mile up the road.

Dunkin Donuts

After making the left out of Dunkin Donuts, crossover Bar Harbor Rd and a little way up the road you will see the Shell Station on your left side. If you had already got fuel before Dunkin Donuts than just continue.

About 9 miles up US-1 N, on your left side, you will see the sign for The Schoodic National Scenic Byway. It is painted on a big rock. There is a parking lot next to it that you can park in. This is a good area for a photo op. Once you take a picture next to the rock, there is a bridge a very short distance away that you can walk over to that will provide some awesome pictures.

Schoodic Loop Rd

Make a left out of the parking lot back onto US 1 N. From this point on you will hit very few pockets of traffic. US-1 will take you to ME-186 until you reach Schoodic Loop Rd. Just about everywhere you ride from this point to Schoodic Point has the potential for photo ops.

When you reach Schoodic Point there is a big parking lot where you can get off the bike and walk down onto the rocks. This is a nice spot to relax, take some pictures, and just take it all in. If you pack lunch as we do on most of our trips, this is a great spot to eat.

Back Down The Same Road

When you are done soaking all of this in, just head back down the road you came in on. When you reach Schoodic loop road make a right. This will loop you back around to ME-186. ME-186 will take you to ME-195N where you will make a right.

ME-195 will lead you back to US-1 S which will get you back to the gas station and Dunkin Donuts. Although this is not a long ride (mileage wide), it’s a pretty awesome ride as far as scenery goes if you like water.

Schoodic National Scenic Byway Loop Left/Right Sheet

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TAOW Schoodic National Scenic Byway

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