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There are numerous clubs, passes, and groups in the Rv world. I have created this page to give you an idea of what’s out there and a starting point that you can use for your research before you join or buy anything. It is not all-inclusive. It is meant to give you an idea of what’s available to the Rv owner. I know there are many out there that I probably missed and new ones that pop up all the time so I will be adding to this list on a regular basis, so be sure to check back periodically. If you know of any I missed, please leave me a comment below and I will add it. This list does not include Rv Facebook groups. That would be another full page…lol. I have added links to each entry (anything in blue is a link) so you can check their websites for prices and benefits constantly change. Please consult the web pages of the individual company or organizations providing these memberships and do your research before you join to make sure they will be of benefit to you and your situation.



America The Beautiful Pass: An America the Beautiful pass is open to everyone and costs approx $80 (at the time of this writing…12/15/16). This pass allows you entry into about 2000 Federal Recreation sites such as national parks, national Wildlife Refugees, and at lands and waters managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and day use fees for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. There Are 5 passes that make up the America the Beautiful Series. They have the main one, one for 4th graders, senior passes, passes for the disabled, and one for those who volunteer for the for Participating Federal agencies. Visit their website for more detailed information.

America The Beautiful Pass


Boondockers Welcome: Boondockers Welcome is a membership that allows you to find safe spots to overnight camp while in a certain area. There is a fee to join. Currently, it’s $24.95 per year. If you are on your way to a specific location and need a safe place to “Boondock” for the night, this could be a great option for you.

Boondockers Welcome


Days End Directory: Day’s end directory of low and no-cost boondocking spot throughout North America. Escapees members submit their information and One Escapees member sorts and organize it all on one website. You must be an Escapees member to join this website. To join (download info, costs $15

Days End Directory


Escapees RV Club: Escapees RV club is a discount camping club program and more. They provide tons of information about the full-time RV’ing lifestyle. They provide a mail service that you might be able to use to help you set up a domicile state (currently 3 states only.) They put out a bi-monthly magazine with cool articles and job listings.

Join Escapees

Escapees RV Club


Explorer Rv Club: The Explorer Rv Club is based out of Canada. They offer discounted camping, discounts on insurance, roadside assistance and more. Your membership also gets you a subscription to the bi-monthly RV Gazette Magazine. Yearly membership is $60 for US members.

Explorer RV Club


Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA): This is a club dedicated to those who own and Rv in a Motorhome. Like, Good Sam, they have a roadside assistance program, events and rallies throughout the year, mail forwarding, insurance discount options, discounts on select campgrounds, and a discount program with Michelin tire. The cost is $60 to join and $50 for renewals.

Family Motor Coach Association

Good Sam:   Probably one of the most recognized names among Rv’ers. Good Sam bills itself as the one-stop shop for Rv’ers. Their membership offers discounts to Good Sam Campgrounds, fuel discounts at select locations, discounts at Camping World, ability to join local chapters of Good Sam Members, coupons to local stores and online retailers, free trip planning, and more. We did a blog post about Good Sam. Read it here.

Good Sam Club


Happy Camper Club: This is a club that accepts all types of members and camper types. They offer discounts at selected campgrounds, a free online camping guide, free e-mail account, free online trip planner, and a campground referral plan. It costs $39.95 to join.

Happy Campers Club


Harvest Hosts: This is a network of wineries, farms and agri-tourism sites that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight for free! The idea behind this is that you will spend money at the host’s establishment and help the local economy and in return, you will have a place to camp the night for free. Membership is $44 per year.

Harvest Hosts


Kampgrounds of America (KOA): One of the most well-known campground networks. Kampgrounds of America is the world’s largest system of privately held campgrounds with almost 500 locations across US and Canada. Their membership programs offer discounts on staying at their campgrounds. You earn points by staying at their campgrounds. You can trade in the points for discounts. Most KOA’s are located near main roads for easy on easy off access. They offer discounts on Rv roadside assistance, Rt 66 Rv network, Rayovac batteries, Omaha Steaks, Rv Trader, Outside magazine, Dish network, and the Weber grilling cookbook. They also have an extensive Workamper program.



Overnight Rv Parking: Membership to this club will give you all the sites you can stop and park your Rv for an overnight stay for free to get some sleep. They are overnight stops only and meant for you to be able to pull off the road after a long day of travel and get a goods night sleep so you’re refreshed for the next day’s travel. Memberships cost $24.95 per year.

Overnight RV Parking


Passport America: When you join this club you will receive the Passport America International 50% Discount Camping Directory (over 480 pages), your personalized 50% Discount travel card, Decal, and a Free Online Subscription to the RV America Magazine (the official Passport America club magazine, a $12.00 value). Plus access to numerous programs, discounts, and benefits created exclusively for Passport America RV Discount Camping Card. Membership is $44 per year

We are new members of Passport America. Within the 1st month, we saved $100!!! That’s almost 2.5 years of membership fees!!! We will keep you updated on our savings.

Passport America


Recreation USA: This is an online discount club. when you join you will receive a Recreation USA Membership Card, which gives you access to all present and future Recreation USA Inc participating parks and campgrounds, information on participating in our member referral program. You will pay anywhere from $10 to up to 50% off regular camping fees at their participating campgrounds. Membership is $44 per year.

Recreation USA


Rvillage: This group is free but they also have a paid membership. This is like a Facebook for Rv’er. Once you sign up, you create a profile, upload pictures, and join groups. You can also “check in” so other people see where you are. Then if someone else “checks in” you will be notified. We belong to this group and have met other people as they checked in. There are also business recommendations.



Rv Golf Club: RV Golf Club is a refreshing new alternative to overnight RV Parking. For the first time ever, RV owners have benefits and privileges previously not available. For the low price of $99 a year, you can park your RV overnight, every night, at quality golf courses, Resort Hotels, and RV Resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada – for free.

RV Golf Club


RV Owners Clubs: When you buy your Rv you should probably see if they have an owners group you can join. They usually also have forums that you can get lots of useful information from about your Rv from other owners. We Own a Salem Hemisphere which is manufactured by Forrest River. We joined “Forrest River Owners Group” (F.R.O.G) and also joined the Forrest River forums which have been a wealth of information for us.


Thousand Trails: This is a discount camping program that utilizes zone membership. The zones are Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Midwest. What you do is purchase a zone (or multiple zones) for around $545 per year (some people have negotiated multiple zones or cheaper prices.) Once a zone is purchased you will now have access to all the Thousand Trails campsites and resorts in that zone. You will get things like free camping 30 nights a year, additional nights for $3 per night, ability to make reservations up to 60 days in advance (online or by phone), ability to book rental units, cottages, trailers and yurts within the campgrounds, access to low cost Rv storage areas, and 20% discount at Encore property’s. You can stay at one preserve for up to 14 consecutive nights, then you must stay out of the Thousand Trail system for 7 nights before you stay at any preserve again. You can stay up to 4 nights at any preserve and move immediately to another, without any time out of the system.

Thousand Trails





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