RV Classified Ad Instructions

This is a new feature. With our RV classifieds page, you will be able to post anything that is RV related for sale. This includes RV’s, RV parts and accessories, RV gear, and anything else RV related. All submissions must be approved by Traveling Adventures On Wheels LLC. We will reserve the right to approve or disapprove any item for any reason.

Understand that in no way do we endorse any product or get involved in any of the selling or collecting of money. Any transactions are between a buyer and a seller only. We are purely here to list your product. Always research any product you are considering purchasing and have a certified mechanic check out any RV or device you are interested in purchasing.

Unfortunately, scammers do exist. Be smart when making a purchase. Never send cash in the mail to anyone.

Information On Posts

1– Our subscribers will be able to post as many items for sale as they would like.

2- Non-subscribers can only submit 1 item. If you want more information on becoming a subscriber, click here.

3- Any items for sale must not be associated with a commercial page or website. This is for personal sales only.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is free of charge. We do not charge to list and we do not collect any fees if your item sells. This is a 100% free service we are offering to help our fellow RV’ing friends.

How Many Pictures Can I Submit?

If you are a subscriber to this website, you can submit as many pictures as you want to be associated with this item. You will be limited to 15 pictures as a non-subscriber. All we ask is that when your item sells or you no longer want to sell it, please send us an email and let us know so we can remove it from our site.

There are no time limits as to how long it is able to stay on the site. It can stay up until sold. Just know that every 3 months we will send you an email to make sure you still want it on the site. This is not to spam you. We realize life happens fast and sometimes after you sell something you might forget to email us to let us know.

How Do I Get Started?

Simple. Just follow these steps.

Send us an email (use the links we have provided below) containing the following information:

1- The item you are selling.

2- The description you would like us to use associated with the sale item.

3- Send us as many photographs of your item as you would like. Remember, there are no limits for subscribers. 5 max for non-subscribers.

4- The Price you are looking for.

5- The state and zip code your item is located in.

6- A contact e-mail or phone number that a potential buyer can reach you at.

Our Email:




Once we receive your email and approve your ad we will do our best to get it posted within 24 hours. Although in most cases it will be done before 24 hours there might be some extreme cases that it may take a bit longer.

See Our RV Classifieds Menu Page

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