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Russell Harber Landing Park


This park sits along the Blackwater River. It is run by the City of Milton. We were told about this park by one of the guys we were workamping with at the KOA in Milton. From the KOA it’s about a 10-minute drive down FL-87 and US-90. As you head west on US-90 the turn will be a slight right that will take you down a ramp-type road towards the water. As you head down this ramp you will curve around to your right into the park.

No Entry Fee

Upon our first visit, we were not really expecting much being its a small park. There is no entry fee and the park is open from one and a half hours before sunrise to one and a half hours after sunset. This park has turned out to be a great little getaway for us.

This is a popular park, especially on weekends. While talking to some of the locals we learned one of the many reasons this park is popular is because it’s within walking distance to the Milton Riverwalk, historic district, and local restaurants and shops.

Different Reasons

Although we have done the Riverwalk, our reasons for loving this park are a bit different. We have come to utilize the area along the river to set up some chairs, relax, and either do some reading or work on this website.

The atmosphere, for us, is much better than just sitting in the campground working. After all, didn’t I mention we were sitting along a river!!! We can either sit in the sun or utilize a shady spot under a tree. As a matter of fact, I am writing this article sitting in the park.

One Road In & Out

There is only one road through the park. This road will lead you through the park from the entrance to the far end where there is a circular turn around that brings you right back through the park to the entrance. Along the way, there are covered picnic areas, 2 boat ramps, a gazebo, benches, picnic tables, portable bathrooms, covered pavilion, and parking spaces.

The covered picnic areas and pavilion can be reserved by calling the City of Milton at 850-983-5466, ext- 4200. If they are not reserved you can utilize them at the time of your visit.

Boat Launch

About halfway through the park is the public boat launch. There are two ramps from which you can launch your boat. On either side of the ramps, there are parking areas for your vehicle and trailer. There is a floating dock you can walk out on. As a matter of fact, one of the videos I shot was while I was standing on the floating dock.

You will also find picnic tables and benches throughout the park that make for a perfect spot to work at or enjoy an afternoon lunch. There are no grills but the covered pavilions have electric. The tables towards the rear of the park (not the pavilion) are cement so I would have to assume a tabletop grill would be allowed. We have read all the signs at the park and nowhere does it say no BBQing.

Many Visits

During our many visits to this park, we have noticed that a lot of people that work in the area come to the park to have their lunch. They find one of the numerous spots that overlook the river and just park, relax, and enjoy lunch.

There is swimming allowed near the boat launch ramp. It is “swim at your own risk” as there are no lifeguards. There is also a hiking trail at the end of the park. It is about a half-mile in and back for a total of a mile. The end of the trail leads to Whiting Park which is a military campground. At this point, this is where you would turn around and head back.

Just as a side note there are supposed to be a couple of Geocaches along the trail. As of this writing, we have not been able to find them 🙁

Final Thoughts

This park was a pleasant surprise for us. It is located within 10 minutes of the KOA Milton campground and it’s free to use. It provides a perfect little getaway for when we need to get off the campground and relax with some scenery. Being that we will be in the Milton area for a while I have this strange feeling we will be at this park quite often…lol.

If you are in or near the Milton area and would like to spend a quiet afternoon on the Blackwater River, this just may be the place for you. If you are coming with a group you may want to rent one of the covered pavilions. As with any place near the water and woods, you may want to bring bug spray.

Entry Fee: None
Pet-Friendly: No (With the exception of the Old River Trail)

Have you been to this park? Does this park sound like a place you would like to visit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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