Roadside Oddities And Attractions

One of our absolute favorite things to do when we are either driving in the truck or out on the motorcycle is to find roadside oddities and attractions. I have been known to make many a u-turn while driving down the road. This page will be dedicated to any roadside attractions we have found to this point.

It will be a constant work in progress as I will add new oddities and attractions every time we find one. Make sure you check back often for new updates. Better yet, subscribe to the website so you will get notified each time something new has been added to this page or the website. No worries, we will never sell or spam your email address. It will be for updates to this site only.

Click On The State In The Table To View Oddities & Attractions In That State. OK, let’s have some fun!!!



Bridge To Nowhere

Bridge To Nowhere

Date of Sighting: 11/2/18
Location: US Highway 95, 4.5 miles north of Fortuna Rd
City: Yuma

Comments: This suspension bridge once spanned the Gila River. Now it just spans dirt…lol. It is closed to any access with signs saying it is unsafe. There are a couple of different access points but they are all dirt roads so a motorcycle might not be a smart choice for this one. You can see the bridge and the access roads from US-Hwy 95 but the roads are not marked. There was a Geocache there but we could not find it 🙁

Helicopter On A Stick

Helicopter On A Stick

Date of Sighting: 11/2/18
Location: Yuma Proving Grounds
City: Yuma

Comments: Not far from our campground is the Yuma Proving grounds off of US Hwy-95. The helicopter on a stick is located off of US Hwy-95. You would need to turn at Martinez Lake Rd. About 2.5 miles down Martinez Lake Rd on the left side, you will see the entrance to the Laguna Army Airfield. It is at this intersection you will see the helicopter

Tiny Church

Tiny Church

Date of Sighting: 11/2/18
Location: US Highway 95, 5.5 miles north of Fortuna Rd
City: Yuma

Comments: A little bit north of the bridge pictured above, you will see a sign along US Hwy-95 that reads Pause Rest Worship. If you make a left on the dirt road at that sign it will lead you to the Tiny Church. We thought it was just a structure but to our surprise when we turned the doorknob, the door actually opened. Inside was 6 tiny pews!!! I actually found a Facebook page on this church. Tiny Church Facebook Page


Hillbilly Glass Shack

Hillbilly Glass Shack

Date of Sighting: April 2017
Location: Corner Of 4 Way
City: Oak Grove

Comments: After a day of riding, we were heading back to our campground and found this cool little gift shop. We stopped but unfortunately, they were closed. It looks like it would have some cool and unusual gifts. They don’t appear to have a website but I found a Facebook page. Hillbilly Glass Shack


Skinny Totem Pole

Twin Totem Pole #1

Fat Totem Pole

Twin Totem Pole #2

Date of Sighting: 11/15/18
Location: 301 N. Sorenson Ave (CA-111)
City: Calipatria

Comments: Coming back from the Salton Sea Ride, we were heading down CA-111 when we spotted these two Totem Poles outside of Archies Place. Archies place is a Mexican Restaraunt.


The Hangin Tree

The Hangin’ Tree #1

The Hangin Tree Sign

The Hangin’ Tree #2

Date Of Sighting: 6/12/19
Location: 17250 US-550
City: Montrose

As you ride down US-550 in Montrose, you will come across this strange looking tree. As you get closer, you will see this tree has some history. In 1878 if you were a horse stealer or robber you would know this tree really well.


Natures Art Village Dinosaur

Natures Art Village Dinosaur

Date Of Sighting: 5/30/18
Location: 1650 Hartford-New London Turnpike
City: Oakdale

Comments: While we were out exploring Connecticut with some friends, we found this on the side of the road. Natures Art Village is a family fun destination that includes a Dinosaur exhibit, splash park, and nature trails. It is situated on 60 acres. I know, I know, no bike.

Surplus Unlimited

Surplus Unlimited Cowboy

Date of Sighting: 7/4/18
Location: 381 W. Main St
City: Norwich

Comments: We were just about at Walgreens to pick up prescriptions when we saw this guy at the store next door. It sits in front of a Surplus Unlimited store. Just goes to show you “Roadside Attractions & Oddities” are everywhere!!! I know, I know, no bike. This is the only roadside oddity on this page taken with the truck…lol


Twin Minions

Date Of Sighting: 8/15/18
Location: 739 Meridian St Ext
City: Groton

Comments: On the way to Fort Griswold State Park, we found these guys. They sit in front of the Hillary Company. The Hillary Company is a business that does custom metal fabrication.


Anchor In Rock

Anchor In The Rock

Date of Sighting: February 2018
Location: Just North Of 909 SE Country Club Rd
City: Lake City

Comments: The address given above is for a large church on the left-hand side of the road. If you go another 500 feet south you will see this random rock with an anchor in it. There is a small grassy/dirt area you can park and grab a photo op.

Bat Houses

Bat Houses

Date Sighting: February 2018
Location: 2664 Museum Rd
City: Gainesville

Comments: What could possibly be the largest occupied Bat Houses in North America, these houses are located near Florida State University. There is limited parking. There are fences around the Bat Houses so you can’t get underneath them. Not sure if you’d want too…lol.

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Blue Angel On A Stick

Date Of Sighting: October 23rd, 2019
Location: Rest Area On I-10 Westbound Just West Of Exit 31
City: East Milton

This replica of a Blue Angels Jet can be found at the rest area. There is plenty of parking which makes it easy to grab some pictures. If you Geocache, there are two of them in this rest area…just saying.

There Are 16 More Photos Of This Jet. Click Here To View Them On Our Flickr Account

The Big Gorilla

The Big Gorilla

Date of Sighting: February 2017
Location: 1960 US Highway 19
City: Crystal River

Comments: After leaving the Crystal River Preserve State Park we passed this Gorilla statue and had to stop. There was a vacant building behind it.

Cross In The Dunes

Date Of Sighting: October 23rd, 2019
Location: Fort Pickens Rd
City: Pensacola Beach

Comments: We found this 10-foot concrete cross in the sand dunes while out riding our Navarre Beach loop. It’s a slight detour off the loop itself but it was pretty cool to check out. The cross commemorates the first Christian mass held in the United States when the Spaniards arrived.

There Are 10 More Photos Of The Cross In The Dunes. Click Here To View Them On Our Flickr Account

Johnny Donut Seed

Johnny Donutseed

Date of Sighting: November 2017
Location: Exit 217 Off I-10
City: Lloyd

Comments: We were exploring northern Florida when we first got here and stumbled upon this guy when we stopped for gas.

Queen Snake Lookout

Queen Snake Lookout

Date of Sighting: February 2018
Location: Southbound I-75 Just Past Exit 384
City: Gainsville

Comments: The walkway leading up to and the overlook, make this look like a big snake. If you look at the photo you can see the eyes and tongue of the queen. Once at the end, you are overlooking I-75 and almost seemingly never-ending swamplands. There is even a quick Geocache you can score here!!!

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Ray Charles

Ray Charles Statue

Date of Sighting: November 2017
Location: 140 Broad St (Haffye Hays Park)
City: Greenville

Comments: As we rode through the town of Greenville we couldn’t help but notice this guy sitting in the middle of the park. You may know him, Ray Charles.

Shark Mouth Building Entry

Date Of Sighting: October 23rd, 2019
Location: 8136 Navarre Parkway
City: Navarre

Comments: This used to be a souvenir store and shark museum that went out of business. It is now a gym. Good place for a photo op.

There Are 6 More Photos Of This Shark Entry. Click Here To View Them On Our Flickr Account

Big Rooster

The Big Rooster

Date of Sighting: February 2018
Location: 17120 County Road 234
City: Micanopy

Comments: Found this one as we were heading for I-75. Looks like there is or was a fireworks store behind it.

The Old Chimney

Date Of Sighting: October 23rd, 2019
Location: 5500 Scenic Highway
City: Pensacola

Comments: This chimney is located in Chimney park. It stands about 50′ tall. It marks the spot of an old sawmill. The chimney and sawmill were built in 1850. There is a small parking lot where you can pull in to grab some pictures.

There are 4 more photos of this chimney. Click here to view them on our Flickr account.

Space Shuttle Fuel Tank

Space Shuttle Fuel Tank

Date of Sighting: November 2017
Location: 3939 Reynolds Blvd
City: Green Cove Springs

Comments: Apparently this is a full-scale model of the space shuttle external fuel tank. It is supposed to be heading to a museum but there are many problems with the move such as overhead wires. Looks like it’s not going anywhere for a while.


Roadside Statue

Fisherman Statue

Date Of Sighting: August 2015
Location: 754 Bar Harbor Rd
City: Trenton

Comments: After a day of riding around Bar Harbor, we were heading back to our campground. When we passed this I had to get a picture.

New Hampshire

Giant Carved Hot Dog

Giant Hot Dog

Date Of Sighting: May 2013
Location: 39 Warwick Rd
City: Winchester

Comments: This giant hot dog stands outside a place called the “Third Base Burger Bar”. Yes they sell hot dogs…lol

Hammond Grinding And Recycling


Date of Sighting: July 2015
Location: 11 Hammonds Way
City: Canaan

Comments: We were actually just riding around while camping in Vermont. We wound up in New Hampshire and passed this guy on the side of the road. He was sitting in front of Hammond Grinding And Recycling

New Mexico

Car On A Pole

Car On A Pole

Date of Sighting: 7/13/2017
Location: 2436 RT 66
City: Santa Rosa

Comments: The car on a pole is located in the parking lot of the Route 66 Auto Museum in Sant Rosa

New York

The Big Duck

The Big Duck

Date of Sighting: June 2016
Location: 1012 NY-24
City: Flanders

Comments: Growing up on Long Island we have seen this duck move a few times. The address above is its current location as of June 2016. There is a gift shop inside.

Rhode Island

Dusty The Snowman

Dusty The Snowman

Date of Sighting: May 2nd, 2018
Location: 662 Atlantic Ave
City: Westerly

Comments: As we were exploring the Rhode Island Beaches, we came across an ice cream place with this cool little snowman out front.

Exeter Scorpion

Scrap Metal Scorpion

Date of Sighting: September 20th, 2018
Location: 445 Nooseneck Hill Rd
City: Exeter

Comments: While we were out and about checking out lighthouses and a covered bridge, we stumbled upon this guy. It sits in front of a scrap metal business called Exeter Scrap Metal Inc.


Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

Date of Sighting: May 2017
Location: 13651 I-40 Frontage Rd
City: Amarillo

Comments: If you are in Amarillo, you almost have to stop here. Where else would you find 10 Cadillacs buried in the dirt that you can legally spray paint!!! One piece of advice would be to bring a lighter color spray paint so it stands out.

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Groom Cross

Groom Cross

Date Of Sighting: June 2017
Location: Exit 112 I-40
City: Groom

Comments: Anyone driving on I-40 through Groom Texas can’t miss this one. It’s a 190-foot cross!!! It’s part of Cross Ministries. The cross is just one of many displays and there is even a gift shop. Groom Cross Official Website

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Huge Pair Of Legs

Huge Pair Of Legs

Date of Sighting: June 2017
Location: I-27 and Sundown Lane
City: Amarillo

Comments: Yeah, I have no idea…lol. What can you say? It is what it is. A huge pair of legs in the middle of a field. Unlike Cadillac Ranch and the Slug bugs, you can’t get near them to paint. They are on private property and fenced in.

Peace Sign

Peace Sign

Date of Sighting: June 2017
Location: Exit 85 I-40 North Frontage Rd
City: Amarillo

Comments: While riding RT 66 we just had to stop when we saw this. We are not really sure what it’s about but it was neat, clean and the lawn cut so someone definitely maintains it.

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Slug Bugs

Slug Bugs

Date of Sighting: June 2017
Location: Exit 96 Off I-40
City: Conway

Comments: A quick jump off RT 66 will take you to the slug bugs. The bugs and surrounding area are pretty well run down but it was a cool stop none the less.

Tex Randal

Tex Randal

Date of Sighting: June 2017
Location: Corner of North 3rd St and North 14th St
City: Canyon

Comments: While out riding around, we could not miss this one at 47 feet tall!!! It was originally built as an advertisement for “Wheeler’s Western Store”.


Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear

Date of Sighting: June 2014
Location: RT 7 and S. Park Rd
City: Shelburne

Comments: I was leading a group of riders to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory when we came upon this at the entrance to The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. Of course, we had to stop and snap a photo.

Wicked Awesome BBQ

Wicked Awesome BBQ Wood Carving

Date Of Sighting: July 2015
Location: 93 Beswick Dr
City: White River Junction

Comments: While out riding with friends, we stopped for fuel and a stretch. On the edge of the gas station was this cool little BBQ place. Unfortunately, it was closed when we were there but the cool little wood carving made for a good photo.

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  1. Finding roadside oddities is one of my favorite past times any time I’m traveling. I have loads of photos of them from all around the country, I should probably put together a page like yours to display them 🙂

    1. If you have a bunch of photos you definitely should!!! It is one of our favorite pages. We have a few more to put up. We are a little behind!!!

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