Roadside Oddities


One of our favorite things to do while we are out riding is finding roadside oddities and attractions. This page will be your guide to direct you to all the roadside oddities and attractions that we have found so far. This list will only continue to grow so check back often. Better yet subscribe to our site so you will never miss any updates or news.

*Note* We Appreciate your patience while we transfer these roadside oddities over from our old motorcycle site. If a state color is blue then that state has been transferred and you can click on it to see the roadside oddities and attractions in that state.

ArizonaBridge To Nowhere, Helicopter On A Stick, Tiny Church
ArkansasHillbilly Glass Shack
CaliforniaTwin Totem Pole 1, Twin Totem Pole 2
ColoradoThe Hangin’ Tree
ConnecticutSurplus Unlimited Cowboy
FloridaAnchor In The Rock, Bat Houses, Blue Angel On A Pole, Big Gorilla, Cross In The Dunes, Highest Elevation, Jonny Donutseed, Possum Monument, Queen Snake Lookout, Ray Charles Statue, Shark Mouth Building Entry, Space Shuttle Fuel Tank, Big Rooster, The Old Chimney, UFO House, Volkswagon Spider
MaineFisherman Statue
MontanaGarden of One Thousand Buddhas, Wild Stallions On The Plains
New HampshireGiant Hot Dog, Lumberjack
New MexicoCar On A Pole
New YorkThe Big Duck
Rhode IslandDusty The Snowman, Scrap Metal Scorpion
Texas Cadillac Ranch, Groom Cross, Huge Pair Of Legs, Peace Sign, Slug Bugs, Tex Randal
VermontVermont Teddy Bear, Wicked Awesome BBQ Wood Carving