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How This Works

We are so excited to be starting this. We have ridden with groups, ran groups, and rode alone. These days we mostly ride alone. We know that sometimes it’s more fun to ride with someone else or even a couple of more riders. 

That becomes the inspiration for this page. As full-time RVers, we generally stay in an area for 4-6 months at a time. Even though we are still working, we still have a couple of days off a week. That’s riding time!!! We generally get out at least one of those days.

We’ll Let You Know

So what we are going to do with this page is to post our ride for each week. We will post the day, the starting point, and a brief description of our itinerary.

If we are in your area and you are interested in riding with us, let us know. The easiest way is to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and just let us know you will be joining us. If you have any questions or concerns about our upcoming ride you can access our contact form by using the link below.

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Things You Should Know About Us Before You Decide To Ride With Us

  • We Love To Ride
  • We Obey All Traffic Laws
  • We Are Retired. We Ride At A Relaxing Pace
  • We Love Photo Ops
  • All Roads Lead To Ice Cream!!!
  • We Generally Will Ride Most Of The Day
  • We Stop Often and Take Lots Of Pictures
  • Did I Mention We Love Ice Cream And Love To Ride?

Upcoming Rides

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Starting PointThonotosassa
Starting AddressTBD
Approx Miles

Coming Soon!!!

We are moving to a campground in the Tampa area at the end of January. Once we get settled we will post the details of this ride. All we know so far is that this will be a loop including a trip across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge starting and stopping near the campground we are staying at in Thonotosassa. Stay tuned for details!!!

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Previous Rides

Figure 8 Florida Old Mines Ride

Starting Point7-11
Starting Address7011 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven
KSU11 am
Approx Miles80

Phosphate mining is done to produce chemical fertilizers. When you think of mining you usually think of something that is occurring underground. Mostly all phosphate mining is done in a pit. This ride will cruise past two old phosphate mining sites in central Florida. First up will take us down Agricola Rd where Swift & Company operated a phosphate mine. It’s long gone but we can still ride down the curvy road. The next spot we would be riding by is the old location of the Noralyn Mine. This mine was shut down in 1997 and imploded (leveled) on February 5, 2015. [Click this to watch the video of it being imploded] Again, we can still enjoy the twists & turns on Noralyn Mine Rd. If you are interested in joining us or have a question about this ride, please leave a comment below or use the “Contact Us” link to let us know.

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Starting PointKOA Missoula
Starting Address3450 Tina Ave, Missoula MT 59808
Approx Miles448

Please Note: This is an overnight trip. We have rented a cabin for Wednesday night. We are going to ride LOLO pass on Wednesday, stop for an oddity or two, then continue on to Hells Gate State Park. There we will hike some trails and relax, capping it off with a fire. Thursday morning will be a stop for breakfast and the ride back to Missoula. If you are interested in joining us there were two cabins left as of 6/12/21. Please drop us a note using the handy link below if you are interested in joining us for all or part of this ride.

Thompson Falls Ride

Starting PointKOA Missoula MT
Starting Address3450 Tina Ave, Missoula MT 59808
KSU11 Am
Approx Miles224

Join us on a ride up to Thompson Falls. This ride should offer a variety of scenic roads and some twists through the mountains. Although the weather forecast is calling for near-perfect weather dress accordingly as mountain weather changes rapidly. Use the link below if you plan to join us or have any questions.

Update!!!- This was an absolutely awesome ride!!! Be sure to check back to read the article on this one.

Click here to check out the article, photos, and short video of this ride

Ride Around Flathead Lake

Starting PointKOA Missoula
Meet-Up Address3450 Tina Ave, Missoula, MT 59808
Approx Miles221

Man-O-Man do we need wind therapy. We have just completed a cross-country trip in the RV and are now staying at the KOA in Missoula Montana. While it has been cold at night and a little chilly during the day, this Thursday is supposed to be in the ’70s!!! We know this is short notice and we’re not sure if there are any riders in Montana yet, but we are putting this ride out there for anyone who is near us to join us. We are going to head up to and around Lake Flathead. There is a state park (we love state parks!!!) on both the east and west sides of the lake. We will not be visiting them on this trip. We are just looking to get out and ride. We know it’s a lot of miles for one trip (sunset is not until 8:40 pm!!!) but if you are around us and just want to do all or part of the trip with us you are more than welcome. Use the link below to let us know if you will be joining us for part or all of this trip. This ride is one of many we will be putting together during our spring/summer stay in Missoula.


What a nice ride. Although there were not a lot of places to pull over and view the lake, the ride alongside it provided plenty of scenic views. Use the link below to read about this ride. It includes a slideshow of 45 pictures and a short video.

Check out the article including a photo slideshow and short video now!!!

Figure 8/ Two Lakes Ride

Starting PointPublic Boat Ramp @ KOA Deland
Meet-Up Address2999 State Road 44, West
Deland, FL 32720
Approx Miles96

We are staying at the KOA in Deland right on the St Johns River so to make it easy we will meet anyone that wants to go at the public boat ramp right outside the gate. We put this ride together because we have not been out in a while so we are festering and are in need of some wind therapy!!! This is loosely put together and can easily make any adjustments if necessary. 

In Search Of Roadside Oddities

DateDecember 23rd, 2020
Starting PointSilver Glen Recreation Area
Meet-Up Address5271 N Hwy 19, Salt Springs, Fl 32134
KSU11:00 Am
Approx Miles103

We love our roadside oddities and attractions. This is kind of a last-minute post if you are available to ride, great!!! I have found what could be some really cool oddities. Things we will be searching for include Umpy Goomba- Olmec Head, Cadwell Park Animal Trees, Big MTV Moon Man, and Barberville Yard Emporium.

Palatka To Jacksonville Loop

Ride Information

Date:October 28, 2020
Starting Point:Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area
Meet-Up Address:5271 N Hwy 19, Salt Springs FL 32134
Approximate Miles:146

The weather is starting to cool off a bit ( for Florida anyway…lol) and it’s time to ride!!! For this ride we will be starting off at the Silver Glen Recreation Area. This is usually a pay fee area but if you message me or send me an email that you will be attending, I will get you past the pay booth so we can meet in the parking lot.

We will be heading into Palatka and cruising up alongside the St Johns River until we get into Jacksonville. Once in Jacksonville we will cross the St Johns River and head back towards Palatka. We will be taking it easy stopping along the way for plenty of pictures. Bring your cameras!!!

Ride Around In The Forest

Date: 9/30/20
Starting Point: Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area
Address: 5271 N Highway 19, Salt Brings, FL, 32134
KSU: 1pm

This was put together last minute but it’s like the first time in weeks there is not rain in the forecast. We are just going to take a nice leisurely ride around in the forest and see what happens.

Update: Beautiful weather for a perfect leisurely ride. Stopped at a couple of lakes. All in all a very relaxing ride.

Check back for our next posted ride!!!

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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