Ride With Us

Motorcycle and Wind Turbines

We are so excited to be starting this. We have ridden with groups, ran groups and rode alone. These days we mostly ride alone. We know that sometimes it’s more fun to ride with someone else or even a couple of more riders.

That becomes the inspiration for this page. We generally stay in an area for 4-6 months at a time. Even though we are still working, we still have 3 days off a week. That’s riding time!!! We generally get out at least one of those days.

We’ll Let You Know

So what we are going to do with this page is to post our ride for each week. We will post the day, the starting point, and a brief description of our itinerary.

If we are in your area and you are interested in riding with us, let us know. The easiest way is to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and just let us know you will be joining us. If you have any questions about our upcoming ride or if you are more comfortable sending us an email, you can contact me at:


Things You Should Know About Us Before You Decide To Ride With Us

  • We Love To Ride
  • We Obey All Traffic Laws
  • We Are Retired. We Ride At A Relaxing Pace.
  • We Love Photo Ops
  • We Love Ice Cream!!!
  • We Generally will Ride Most Of The Day
  • We Stop Often and Take Lots Of Pictures
  • Did I Mention We Love Ice Cream And Love To Ride?

Upcoming Ride

Right about now we know everyone is itching to get out there and ride. Unfortunately, until this virus thing passes we are all stuck. You can bet as soon as we get the all clear and things start opening up we will be posting a ride so make sure you check back!!!!

Previous Rides

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park

******Date: 3/14/20- NEW DATE*****
Starting Point: Tom Thumb Gas Station
Address: 82-15 FL-87, Milton FL
KSU: 10:30 Am

It looks like we will be getting a great day for a ride. This will be a ride/hike combo. We will take a ride out to the park to check it out. We will be doing two short hikes while we are there. There is an entry fee of $4 for this park. These parks usually have an “Iron Ranger” so bring singles for the envelope. If you have any questions you can either email myself or Chris (email address down below) or post it in the comment section.

Blackwater River State Forest

Date: 2/21/20
Starting Point: Tom Thumb Gas Station
Address: 82-15 FL-87, Milton
Approx Miles: Depends How Long We Stay Out…lol

We are going through ride withdrawals!!!…lol. It looks like the sun will be out for Friday & Saturday so we are going to get out for a few hours. We are going to take a ride to the Blackwater River Forest. There we will check out Bear Lake and surrounding areas. It’s supposed to be a little cooler so dress accordingly. Hey, at least no rain!!!


Although it started out cool, it warmed up nicely as the afternoon progressed. We visited Bear lake & campground and 3 other recreation areas near lakes. We ended up at an off the beaten path park with a cool hiking trail. We did not do the hike but we will definitely be going back to do it. We did about 100 miles. If you missed us on this one, bookmark this page and check back often to see where we are going next. We would love for you to join.

We posted 14 pictures (there will be a few more added) of this ride on our Flickr. Click here to check them out.

Navarre Beach Loop

Date: November 16th, 2019
Starting Point: Tom Thumb Gas Station
Address: 8215 FL-87, Milton
KSU: 11:00Am
Approx Miles: 86

We have done this loop a few times now. It’s a great way to just get out and ride. The weather has been crappy here but Saturday looks to be sunny. This ride will only be a few hours. We are just going through wind therapy withdrawals and need to get out there!!! Join us if you also need some wind therapy.


Turned out to be a super nice day to ride. We even found another Roadside Oddity!!! Click here to check this ride out.

In Search Of Roadside Oddities

Date: October 23rd, 2019
Starting Point: Exxon in Milton, Florida (Exit 31 Off I-10)
KSU: 11 Am
Approx Miles: TBD

This is just going to be a fun ride to explore the area. We will be searching for some cool Roadside Oddities along the way. Come out and join us for a couple of hours of exploration.

Shark Mouth Building? Giant Roller Skate? Blue Angel On A Stick? These are just a few Roadside Oddities we will be searching for.


Success!!! We found some of the oddities and had a great day. We will be scheduling another ride to find more oddities soon. Click here to check out our Roadside Oddities page.

Loop Around Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area

New Date: August 14th, 2019
Starting Point: Conoco Gas Station In Ridgway
KSU: 11:00Am
Approx Miles: 185 Miles

Note: The date of this ride has been changed due to stormy weather conditions. The new date is posted above. We are starting to go through ride withdrawal. We need some serious wind therapy. Please go away NOW rain!!!


Awesome Ride!!! Look for this to be posted under scenic rides in the near future

Ride Around Dominguez- Escalante National Conservation Area

Date: July 2nd, 2019
Starting Point: Conoco Gas Station in Ridgeway, Colorado
KSU: 11:30 Am {Note Time Change}
Approx Miles Of Route: 246

As of now, The Weather Forcast Is 30% Chance Of Rain. We Will Monitor Weather Conditions For This Area. Check Back The Day/Night Prior To The Ride Date For Any Updates.


Fantastic Ride!!! Details and write-up coming soon

Check back for our next posted ride!!!