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Ride To The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument


While staying in northern Texas we did many cool rides. The Alibates Flint Quarry was one we kind of found by accident. We were actually heading to Lake Merideth to see if we could find the Sanford Dam on the Canadian River. As we were heading towards the dam we saw the sign for Alibates Flint Quarry and Canyon. We decided to bypass it at first as we wanted to see the dam but it was quickly put on our bucket list.

Crossed over Rt 66 And Headed For Alibates

So we finally got a day we could head to the quarries. We packed our usual lunch and snacks and were on our way. We made a right out of the campground onto Folsom Rd. We crossed over Business I-40/Rt 66 and stayed on Folsom Rd for about 3.5 miles.

We then hung a right onto TX-136N. It was a straight run from there. We rode about 22 miles with only one quick stop to get a picture of the bike in a line of wind turbines. That was only a little ways off of TX-136 and I couldn’t resist. Once the picture was taken we were back on TX-136N and stayed on that until we hit CAS Johnson Rd.

A Fork In The Road

There is a sign that you are approaching CAS Johnson so you shouldn’t miss it. For the most part, CAS Johnson is a straight road. When you get to the part that curves right and then left you will come upon a fork in the road. It is here you will find the sign we took a picture in front of.

Just a brief side note. If you head off in the direction of McBride Canyon, you will be on a very cool road that dips and turns. The problem is in a very short time the road ends and the dirt begins…lol. We actually went back another day and did some 4-wheeling in McBride Canyon but that’s a whole different story.

Back To Alibates

Ok, back to Alibates. After a photo-op with the sign, we head off to the right. The road you are on now is Alibates Rd. This is the road that takes you right into the quarries.

The first thing you will come up to is a small building on your right side. This is the office/gift shop/ museum. This is where you can stamp your national parks book, book a hiking tour with the rangers, and check out the museum including a short movie.

Back On The Bike

Off the parking lot are a picnic table and some bathrooms. This is where we had lunch. After lunch and a short nature walk, we were back on the bike to explore.

If you head straight past the main building when you are coming in (what we did in the video) you will follow that road a little way into the canyon where it will dead end. You can grab a few photos and turn around. It is a very wide area so turning around is no problem.

Not Far From The Canadian River

When you are in that dead end, you don’t realize it but you are not far from the Canadian River/Lake Meridith. After turning around and heading back towards the building, we made a left on the road just before the parking lot. We followed that road to the end and guess what? Another dead end…lol. The road had a big gate across it. I am not sure if it always does or if it was just closed the day we were there. It might have even been part of the ranger hiking tour area.

Another U-Turn Was In Order

In any case, another u-turn was in order. You can stop along this road and get some pretty cool pictures. After getting back to the building, make a left and you are heading out of the quarries and back to the main road.

As we approached TX-136 we pulled over to observe a bunch of cows just chilling out near the road. If you watch our video associated with this ride you will see that we think we may have startled them a bit…lol.

Overall it was a relaxing ride and we were able to grab some cool pictures.

Date Of Ride: 5/30/17
Approx Total Miles: 60 (Round Trip)
Cost To Enter:$0

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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