Our Adventures With Geocaching

Geocaching has become a really fun way for us to add to our adventures. Whenever we go somewhere, we find ourselves popping open the app to see what’s nearby. We don’t have a hand-held GPS so we use the phone app. If you would like to learn more about Geocaching in general, please read my blog post about Geocaching. I explain all the basic terms and what exactly Geocaching is. I also show and list what some of the containers look like that people use. 

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4 thoughts on “Our Adventures With Geocaching

  1. Glade your enjoying caching. it looks like your from florida so you know everything south will bite pick or sting you be careful on the trail and enjoy. Trailer trash Tr
    Harlingen Tx in winter Leamington On. summer

    1. We have spent our last two winters in Florida. The Florida Parks system is very involved with Geocaching. We are really having some fun with it and are seriously considering placing our first one. You are right about the bites, picks, and stings. Although we have not been stung or bit yet, we have had plenty of sticker bush type things scratch us…lol. We usually take walking sticks with us to try and clear an area before we go into it. That has saved us a few times. Do you cache?

  2. Quite the experiences in geocaching. I hadn’t really considered that as an activity, I’ll have to keep it in mind.

    1. Kevin- We have found that Geocaching has taken us to some very cool and unique places. It’s a great way to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

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