Northern Breeze Screen House Review- Relax In Peace

Why Do I Need A Screenhouse?

We love to wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and sit outside. What we don’t love is sharing that coffee with our insect friends. That goes for lunch and dinner also. So maybe we will just have to head back into the RV and enjoy all that stuff inside. Wait, not so fast. There is a solution.

Screen House

I think the deciding factor came when we were camping on Long Island in New York. We were at a county park and our friends had just left to go home after visiting for the day. We still had some logs on the fire and decided to sit and relax by the fire until the logs burnt out.

After about 10 minutes of relaxing by the fire, my wife jumped up and started to scream. I was totally confused. It was after quiet hours at the campground and it was just us on our site. What was going on? Long story short, a bug had flown into her ear and got stuck!!! It later had to be removed by a Dr!!!

From there the research began. We wanted something big enough to accommodate a picnic table, our chairs, and some supplies. We needed something that was sturdy and would keep our stuff dry. We chose the Eureka Northern Breeze and have not been disappointed. While it took a few times of setting it up to get it right, we are now pretty good at it. We found it to be durable, easy to clean, and easy to break down and fit back in the bag. 

Storage bag and the contents of the box

We use this screen house for two main purposes. The first is we like to eat, read, and relax bug-free whenever we want. I have even been known to fall asleep in it a few times…lol. No bug bites upon waking up. The other thing we use it for is storage. We put all our outside stuff in it at night and when we are out for the day. We drop the outside flaps and we know our stuff is protected from the elements. It is big enough for us to store all our gear in plus our picnic table.

All Set Up
Almost done. Taking a break inside bug free!!!!

If you have any comments, questions or a quick bug story leave them below.

Product: Northern Breeze Screen House/Shelter
Manufacturer: Eureka
Color: Blue
Size: 12′ X 12′
Windows: Full Mesh Panel
Center Height: 8′ 5 “


6/12/20- When we went to set up this screen house in Milton, we noticed it was sticking out of the tub we had stored it in. Upon further investigation, we noticed because we didn’t have it packed right it caught a sharp object which put a large gash in the side. End of an era…lol. We still highly recommend this screen house as it withstood some pretty bad storms.

Our Review Summary

Northern Breeze Screen House

Overall Value
Ease Of Set Up
Ease Of Cleaning

Final Thoughts

Screen Houses come in many sizes and prices. We did a lot of research and talked to many people in the campgrounds we were at before deciding on this one.  We felt since we full-time RV and will face many types of weather conditions, we wanted something that will last, not something we will have to replace after every storm. Even if we did not full-time RV, who wants to replace something over and over? We feel this screen house will give us many years of good service. This screen house has been through some tough storms with high winds and has not been damaged by any of them.



  • Water Proof Material
  • Built-In Rain Curtains That Roll-Up
  • Entrance On Two Separate Sides
  • Can Be Used With Or Without The Floor
  • Comes With A Storage Bag


  • Set-Up Directions Not Clear
  • A Little Tricky To Set Up

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