North Shore Suffolk County Loop


This ride will cover most of Suffolk County on the North Shore of Long Island. It will take you alongside the Nissequogue River, through historic Stonybrook, and through the twisty roads of Rocky Point, Sound Beach, and Wading River. It is an all-day ride. If you don’t have all day to ride there are a few points where you can jump on the main road and head back to where you started. That is a shorter version of this ride.

Start At McDonald’s Parking Lot

This ride will start at McDonald’s in Commack.  There is a gas station in the corner of the parking lot. You can’t beat a starting point with food, fuel, and bathrooms all in one location. Everything you need in one location.  I like to start all my rides with the 3 essentials…lol

Anyway, let’s ride. You will start this ride by making a right out of the parking lot and then make your first left onto Harned Rd. Follow Harned down to Kohr Rd. Harned Rd will change names to Old Indian Head Rd when you cross over Rt 25 but it’s the same road. You will need to bear left onto Kohr road. Make a right onto Sunken Meadow Road and follow it around to Landing Rd. Sunken Meadow Rd will change names to St Johnland Rd when you cross Rt25a.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

You will pass a few old historic homes along this route. You will also pass the site of the old Kings Park Psychiatric Center.

Once you have made the left onto Landing Rd continue a short distance and bear right onto Landing Avenue. Follow Landing Avenue as you wind around the west side of the Nissequogue River. As you approach a very small bridge you are crossing the water and there is a small park on your left if you want to stop and take pictures.  If not continue to Edgewood Rd and make a left.

Speed Limit Strictly Enforced

Take approx a half a mile and make a left onto Nissequogue Rd. Make a left. Follow Nissequogue Rd along the east side of the Nissequoge river. If you are doing this in the summer the trees and scenery are awesome. Make sure you follow the speed limit in this area as it is strictly enforced. Take this past the horse farms on your right side to Cordwood Path. Go slow here as the road is narrow and usually sandy. At the end is a small park with a couple of picnic benches overlooking the water. Photo Op!!!

Beautiful Homes

Follow around on Harbor Rd. At the fork, stay to your left to remain on Harbor Rd. Follow Harbor Rd as it winds through some of the coolest vegetation and beautiful homes until you wind up at Rt 25A. There will be a duck pond on your right if you want more photo ops. If not make a left onto Rt 25A and make a right into the shopping center. There is a deli with a bathroom inside. There is also a gas station a little bit further down the road.


After stretching, having a coffee, and refueling, make a left out of the parking lot. Continue to the traffic light and make a left onto Rt25A. This section of Rt25A will take you through the towns of Stonybrook, East Setauket, and Port Jefferson. This road can get a little congested as you go through the Stonybrook/East Setauket section but it won’t last. You will wind up in Lower Port Jefferson by the docks. I would say another photo op but be careful where you park. If you can find a spot at all, it will probably wind up costing you a few coins.

Head Past The Belle Terre Gates

Stay to your left and follow up the hill past the Belle Terre Gates to the stop sign. Stay to your left at the stop sign and continue to the end of the rd. There are a couple of stop signs along the way but stay on Old Post Rd to the end. Make a Left on Crystal Brook Hollow Rd and a Quick Right to stay on Old Post Rd. This will take you to Shore Rd.

Make a left on Shore Road and follow alongside the water. Yup, another photo op. Continue around and follow the road back up to North Country Rd. Make a Left. Follow North Country Rd past McNulty’s Ice Cream (your choice…lol) and continue to Lower Rocky Point Rd (opposite a small duck pond/Not a photo op.)

Bear To Your Left

You will come to a fork in the rd. Do not make the hard left but bear to your left. This will put you on North Wading River Rd. Follow this around back up to Sound Ave. There is one tricky curve around to the right when you get to Wildwood State Park. The road curves around to the right and you need to do this to stay on North Wading River Rd. Don’t worry if you miss the curve and wind up at the entrance to Wildwood state park. I have…lol. Just make a right and quick left and you’re back on track. Again, I must caution you about the wild turkeys and deer.


After you make the left onto Sound Ave, continue to Osborne Rd and make a right.  Your rundown Sound Ave will include some twisties, farmland, and wineries. Make a right onto Osbourne. Continue on Osborn Ave. You will come to a fork in the road. Stay to your right and continue on Mill road until you reach Rt 25 (Main St). Make a left and Roadhouse Pizza is on your right.

Roadhouse Pizza Stop

Road House Pizza is a great stop. They have great pizza and you can sit outside beside a canal. When you are done with your pizza, you can either jump back on your bike and make a left back onto the road or just walk to your left about a quarter-mile. There you will find Snowflake Ice cream. An awesome dessert after your pizza!!!

Back On I-495 And Home

Make a right out of Snowflake (or left out of Roadhouse if you decided against the ice cream) and continue to I495.  Take the Westbound exit. At this point, you will just be taking the interstate back to the McDonalds in Commack. You will get off I495 at exit 55. Continue to Washington Ave and make a right. Make the left at the light. You are now on Vanderbilt Parkway/Motor Parkway. Follow the road curves around to your right. Approx 3.3 mile on your left side will be the McDonald’s you started from.

We have a printable Left/Right direction sheet available for this ride on Google Sheets. If you would like to view/print these directions, use the link below.

North Shore Suffolk County Loop Left/Right Sheet

Check Out Our Slideshow Below Featuring 20 Photos Of This Ride

TAOW North Shore Suffolk County Loop

Ride Often/Ride Safe

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