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New York Roadside Oddities And Attractions


One of our absolute favorite things to do when we are out riding around is to find roadside oddities and attractions. We have been known to make many a u-turn while driving down the road. This page will be dedicated to any roadside attractions we have found in the state of New York.

It will be a constant work in progress as we will add new oddities and attractions every time we find one. Make sure you check back often for new updates. 

Better yet, subscribe to the website so you will get notified each time something new has been added to this page or the website. No worries, we will never sell or spam your email address. It will be for updates to this site only. This tower sits about 1300 feet above the Hudson River giving some spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Grumman Park

Grumman Park Memorial Sign

Date Of Sighting: Multiple Times. Last Visited 2016
Location: 4670 NY-25 (Google Maps Coordinates)
City: Calverton

Comments: This small park is a dedication to the Grumman Corporation and is located on the former site of the final assembly & flight test center. Check out our slideshow below featuring 15 photos of Grumman Memorial Park

TAOW Grumman Park

Obadiah Smith House

Obadiah Smth House

Date Of Sighting: 6/21/16
Location: 853 St Johnland Rd (Google Coordinates)
City: San Remo

Comments: This structure is believed to be one of the oldest structures in Kings Park. It was built by Obadiah Smith who was the grandson of Richard Smith who is considered the founder of Smithtown.

Perkins Tower

Perkins Tower

Date Of Sighting: Multiple Times Throughout The Years. Last Visited 2013
Location: Perkins Memorial Drive (Google Maps Coordinates)
City: Stony Point

Comments: Located about 20 minutes from Bear Mountain Bridge, this has been a staple ride I have done for multiple years in a row. The road goes up and circles around the tower then comes back down.

The Big Duck

The Big Duck

Date of Sighting: June 2016
Location: 1012 NY-24
City: Flanders

Comments: Growing up on Long Island we have seen this duck move a few times. The address above is its current location as of June 2016. There is a gift shop inside.

The Jones Beach Water Tower

The Needle

Date Of Sighting: Multiple Times. Last Time Visited Was 2016
Location: Wantagh Parkway & Ocean Parkway (Google Maps Coordinates)
City: Wantagh

Comments: The Jones Beach Water Tower also known as “The Pencil” is more than your basic monument. It is actually a working water tower that supplies water to nearby venus such as Jones Beach Theatre and the Coast Guard Station. It was built in 1930 and stands somewhere between 188- 231 feet tall depending on what site you look up for information. It holds over 300000 gallons of water!!!

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Date Of Sighting: 8/15/16
Location: 1912 US-9 (Google Map Coordinates)
City: Lake George

Comments: This guy sits in the parking lot of the former Magic Forest. The Magic Forest closed down and new owners bought it and renamed it Lake George Expedition Park.

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