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New York Geocaches

New York Caches

Geocaching has become a really fun way for us to add to our adventures. Whenever we go somewhere, we find ourselves popping open the app to see what’s nearby. We don’t have a hand-held GPS so we use the phone app. If you would like to learn more about Geocaching in general, please read my blog post about Geocaching. I explain all the basic terms and what exactly Geocaching is. I also show and list what some of the containers look like that people use.

Let’s Try That Again #3- Battle Row

Lets Try That Again #3 Battle Row

Date: 5/15/16
Type Of Cache: Small Cylinder
Location: Battle Row Campground
City: Old Bethpage

Description: The next day, we set out for the second one. We found this fairly easy. Wow, I think we are actually getting good at this.

LI Motor Parkway # 4- Battle Row

LI Motor Parkway # 4 Battle Row

Date Of Find: 5/14/15
Type Of Cache: Small Plastic Container
Location: Battle Row Campground
City: Old Bethpage

Description: We were camping at Battle Row Campground with some friends. At some point, we head off for a walk and some exercise. While we were walking we remembered the Geocache app. We opened it up not really expecting anything. Once it opened, it showed not 1 but 2 caches!!! We decided we would go after only 1 today. It took some work but we finally got it. WooHoo!!! Cache #2!!!

Get Your Cache Carteron 1K

Small Key Geocache Container

Type of Cache: Small Magnetic Key Box
Location: Applebees In Commack Parking Lot

Our First Find!!!!*NoteUnfortunately I do not have any pictures of this one. We were so excited, we forgot to take any!!! This is an example of what was under the base of the light.It started out simple enough. We were meeting friends for dinner. We had got there early and we were just sitting in the truck when I got an idea. I opened up the Geocaching app and was shocked. It showed a geocache close by. We got super excited and started driving around the parking lot. Round and round we went until, bingo!!! Our app was telling us we were close. It makes a “dinging” type noise and shows we are within 30 feet. We were a little confused. There wasn’t a thing around us except for one of those huge light poles. After circling around it about 5 times, we were convinced it had to have something to do with the light post. We felt a little stupid searching around this huge light post with a huge cement base. We almost gave up when one of us, I don’t remember if it was Chris or myself, lifted the base, and there it was. We were so excited to find this little key magnet box with nothing in it but paper to sign…lol. It was so exciting to find. From this point on we were hooked. Now we were official Geocachers…lol.  

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