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Montana Roadside Oddities

Welcome To Montana

One of our absolute favorite things to do when we are out on the motorcycle is to find roadside oddities and attractions. We have been known to make many a u-turn while driving down the road. This page will be dedicated to any roadside attractions we have found in the state of Montana.

It will be a constant work in progress as we will add new oddities and attractions every time we find one. Make sure you check back often for new updates. 

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Auditor The Dog

Auditor The Dog

Date Of Sighting:6/9/21
Location: Butte-Silver Bowe Chamber Of Commerce (1000 George St)
City: Butte

Comments: Auditor was a feral dog who lived somewhere around the Berkely Pit. He shied away from people as much as possible. The miners gave him his name because he would show up randomly. Although miners would give him food, water, and shelter, he would disappear for weeks at a time. Read more about Auditor The Dog at Wikipedia.

Berkeley Pit/Lake Of Death

Berkely Pit

Date Of Sighting: 6/9/21
Location: 300 Continental Dr
City: Butte

Comments: The Berkeley Pit is a former copper mine located in Butte. According to Wikipedia Berkeley Pit is one of the largest superfund sights. The water is so toxic they use a type of wailing sound set off periodically to keep the birds from drinking the water. Entry is $3 a person. On our visit, the restrooms were closed due to COVID-19. Check out our short video below.

Evil Knievel Grave

Evil Knievel

Date Of Sighting: 6/9/21
Location: Mountain View Cemetery
City: Butte

Comments: If you’re like me and grew up watching Evil Knievel doing stunts you should check this out. If you enter the cemetery from the main entrance, make your second left and it’s about halfway down. His brother and parents are next to him.

Frank Little Grave

Frank Little Gravesite

Date Of Sighting: 6/9/21
Location: Mountain View Cemetery
City: Butte

Comments: While in the Butte-Silver Bowe Chamber of Commerce checking out Auditor The Dog (see top of page) we asked about the location of Evil Knievel’s gravesite. They confirmed the directions we had and added that we should also check out Frank Little’s gravesite. They informed us that he was an American Labor leader (Union Leader) who was murdered. Many locals believed he was murdered for his union activities.

Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Garden Of One Thousand Buddha

Date Of Sighting: 5/20/21
Location: 34574 White Coyote Rd
City: Arlee

Comments: The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is located within the Flathead Indian Reservation in Lake County Montana. It’s off of US-93 in Arlee and there are no signs stating anything about the Buddhas so you will have to look for White Coyote Rd. Once you turn onto White Coyote Rd it’s just a short drive down and the entrance is on the left. There is no fee for entry although they take donations and there are a couple of donation boxes located within the garden.

Check Out Our Slideshow Below Featuring 49 Photos Of The Garden

TAOW The Garden Of One Thousand Buddahs

Granite Mountain Speculator Mine Memorial

Granite Mountain Speculator Fire Memorial

Date Of Sighting: 6/9/21
Location: Alexander St (Google Maps Coordinates)
City: Butte

Comments: This memorial is dedicated to those who lost their lives in a copper mine fire in 1917. It was considered metal mining’s greatest disaster. 168 miners were killed. The is a trail system located next to this memorial called the Butte Trail System. There are placards along the way. Each one talks about the history of Butte.

Lexington Stamp Mill & Garden

Lexington Stamp Mill

Date Of Sighting: 6/9/21
Location: 300-304 E Granite St (Google Maps Coordinates)
City: Butte

Comments: The Lexington Stamp Mill & Garden sits near “The Richest Hill On Earth”. It is the site of Butte’s first stamp mill. The gardens represent a re-creation of a floral butterfly. There are numerous placards explaining the history of this area and Butte in General.

TAOW Lexington Stamp Mill And Garden

Office Chair In The Air

Office Chair In The Air

Date Of Sighting: 4/30/21
Location: 3411 N Reserve St (Outside The Furniture Row Store)

Comments: The KOA in Missoula we were staying at has a walkway near the office that leads to a shopping center. We were on our way to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream (now there’s a surprise…lol) when we noticed this chair.

Our Lady Of The Rockies

Our Lady Of The Rockies

Date Of Sighting: 6/9/21
Location: Sits Atop The Continental Divide
City: Butte

Comments: This mammoth 90 foot statue sits atop the continental divide mountains. The only way to access it is to pay $20 per person to take the 2 hour tour up the mountain. You would purchase tickets in the Butte Plaza Mall in Butte if interested in the tour. According to Wikipedia, it is the 4th tallest statue in the United States. We chose not to pay the $20 but instead use a zoom lens…lol.

Wild Stallions On The Plains

Wild Stallions On The Plains

Date Of Sighting: 5/12/21
Location: Between MT-200 & The Railroad Tracks In Plains
City: Plains

Comments: These metal sculptured horses were created by Kenton Pies. The first one was placed in 2018 and the last one in 2021. There is no exact address for these but if you are on Montana 200 in the town of Plains, you can’t miss them.

Check Out Our Slideshow Below Featuring 5 Photos Of The Wild Stallions

TAOW Wild Stallions On The Plains

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  1. Really GREAT photos, Dennis and Chris. You found places we’ve never been too in Montana, YET.
    Very good information, too. Thanks for all your informational material…..I’m adding this to our “Bucket List”!
    Well done.
    – Suzanne Strauss


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