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Minnie Ha-Ha


No trip to Lake George is complete without taking a ride aboard the Minnie Ha-Ha steamship paddle boat. The one-hour ride explores the southern half of Lake George. The Minnie Ha-Ha steamship paddleboat ride is a nice relaxing ride that features the captain explaining things like the large historic mansions and the history surrounding the scenic mountains. It goes out about 7 times a day.

Minnie Ha-Ha
Side View From Dock

As you board the Minnie Ha Ha, you will hear music on a Calliope which is powered by steam produced from the ship’s boiler.

Sun Over The Water
Sun Over The Lake

The dock that the Minnie HaHA is located along Beach Rd. On Thursday Nights there is a very cool fireworks display. You can view this display along the grassy section by the docks or on one of the many boats (including the Minnie Ha-Ha) that is docked.

Para Sailing The Lake. View From The Top Deck

The lake itself is full of life and activities. Parasailors can be seen all day long. Boaters pulling water skiers are another site you will see. You can even rent Pontoon boats and head out on the Lake yourself!!!

Minnie Night View
The Minnie At Night

So if you are going to enjoy all that Lake George has to offer, remember to take a ride aboard the Minnie Ha-Ha.


Date Of Visit: August 2016

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TAOW Minnie Ha Ha

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