McLean-Allanreed Area Museum


In this section of RT 66, there are a few historical things to look for. Conoco Towers is not far and The Devil’s Rope Museum is literally around the block from this place. As a matter of fact, we thought we were heading to Devil’s Rope but apparently turned too soon. It turned out we found an awesome little gem.

Avalon Movie Theatre

This museum is filled with local history.  It displays a ton of artifacts of a town that once was.  A town that thrived before the construction of the interstate. It not only shows the artifacts of things throughout the town’s history it also displays the names and the stories of the people behind it.

Much Bigger Than It Appears

There is no entry fee but they do accept donations. The person at the front desk was very friendly and knowledgeable. I believe she told us she was a lifelong resident. The surprising thing about this place was the size. If you looked from the street to the front door, you would think it’s tiny. Not so. Once inside you can see it extends pretty far back.

Looking out across the street and to the right is the original sign for the Drug Store. It sits on the corner of South Main St and the old RT 66. Looking out from the museum to the street on the left is the historical Avalon movie theatre. It was in shambles when we were there. According to a Facebook post from Leigh Anne Isbell, it has been knocked down for safety reason. It’s a shame but I’m glad I got there to see it before the demolition.

Brown Rexal Drugs

If you were to come out of the museum and head for the Old Rt 66, make a left and travel westbound for about a quarter mile, you will see a restored 1929 Rt 66 Gas Station. It was a great stop for some photo ops.

So if you are around the McLean-Alanreed area you will have a couple of great stops all within about a mile. Add in Conoco Towers in Shamrock and you will add on another 24 miles. It’s well worth it.

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TAOW McLean Allanreed Area Museum
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