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We were on our way across the country when we found this KOA. Since we are fans of anything RT 66 we decided to spend the night here and take a break. We were excited to be staying along the historic RT 66. The excitement started to fade as we exited Interstate 44 and got to the business loop which was the old Rt 66.

It was a very busy road with lots of traffic. Very unlike most of the portions of RT 66, we have been on. We made our way through the traffic and turned into the KOA. As we pulled in and headed up to the office we passed a railroad car (which you could rent to stay in), a playground, a mining area, and a pool on the left.

At First Glance It Looked Good

On the right side was a dump station, jumping pillow, propane refill station, and the office building which included a store, laundry facilities, restrooms, and showers. Across from the office was the bike rental area. Our overall appearance from just pulling in was a positive one. After all, we were just looking for a place to rest for the night before moving on.

The check-in process was typical for a KOA, fast and easy. Before we knew it we were being escorted to our site. This is where things started going downhill a bit. I get we were there for only a night but we were placed right next to the playground with the highway in direct view. We got ourselves set up without having to unhook so that was a plus.

Where Was The Sewer Hook-Up?

The sites were very close together and when the RV behind us had visitors later that night we could hear everything being said like we were part of the conversation…lol. The hook-ups were located in the middle of the site which we always find curious. Why would you place the hook-ups (especially the sewer) in the middle? This effectively puts our sewer connection right in the middle of our neighbor’s “front” yard.

It didn’t take long to realize we were located very close to not only the main road but railroad tracks, and active ones to boot. It seemed like every 15-30 minutes a train came by blowing its horn. Great, that good night’s sleep we were hoping for was starting to fade away.

Time To Take A Look Around

We decided to take a walk around the campground and talk to other campers like we always do. We headed out in the direction of the office passing the mining area, playground, caboose/cabin rental, and pool. Since it was off-season the pool was closed. The camp store was stocked with some basic necessities and gift shop-type items. Yup, we bought a RT 66 travel mug…lol.

After leaving the store we walked around the building and checked out the restrooms and laundry facilities. Both were super clean. Off to our right and behind the building were the jumping pillow, propane refill station, dump station, and dumpster. As we continued to walk past the back of the office building on the east side of the campground we came upon some cabins on our right side with a section of RVs behind them.

A Residential Street

Because of the way these RVs were set up we were thinking that this may be an area for seasonal or long-term campers. To our left was a large building that housed a meeting room, covered pavilion, and ping pong tables. Across from this building on the north end of the park were the K-9 park and basketball courts. Behind them was a residential street with houses. Unlike the main road where we were parked, this road did not seem to be a busy/loud road.

Continuing west along the north side of the park we passed another set of cabins on our right side. As we came to the end of the northwest side of the park and turned south(left) it started getting a little weird. Once heading along the west side of the park on our left side was a large section of water & electric pull-through spots. Normal enough right?

There Was What Behind These Sites?

On our right side is where we got a little creeped out. There were some cabins and RV spots along the west side of the park which was normal enough but behind them was a cemetery. We are not superstitious or anything but the thought of camping with gravesites right behind you is not appealing to us. For some, it apparently does not affect one way or another. The people we spoke with at this campground did not seem to care one bit.

As we walked along the west side of the park heading south back to our site we came upon another big RV section. These sites were more water & electric sites with some deluxe patio sites mixed in. We met a few more campers here that we spoke with. They were regulars here and had nothing but good things to say about this campground.

Who Doesn’t Like A Creek?

Beyond this section we hit our last area before hitting the area our RV was in. This was on our right and was a large tent area. It looked like there was some construction going on in this area. There was a small creek behind this section which was pretty cool. After all, who wouldn’t want a small creek behind their site?

Our Review Summary

KOA St Louis West

Overall Appearance
Big Rig Friendly
Staff Friendliness
Road Conditions
Site Size/Condition

Final Thoughts

This KOA is very well maintained and clean. The sites are a little tight and the hook-ups are not located in the most ideal of places. We were looking for a good place to rest for the night and the constant train horn did not allow us to get that. Although it might not bother some people the fact there was a cemetery bordering the one side of the campground was a little creepy. If we were in the area again we would not return to this location.



  • 50/30 Amp Pull Through Sites Available
  • Cabins Available
  • Tent Sites Available
  • Caboose/Cabin Available
  • Well Kept Clean Grounds
  • Well-Stocked Camp Store
  • Bicycle Rentals ($)
  • Pool
  • Playground
  • Jumping Pillow
  • Basketball Court
  • Cable TV
  • K-9 Park
  • Propane Refill Station ($)
  • Covered Pavillion


  • Loud Train Whistle Blowing Numerous Times Throughout The Night
  • Cemetery Bordering the West Side Of The Campground
  • Sewer Hook-Ups Located In The Middle Of Your Site Essentially Making Your Neighbor’s Connection Outside Your Front Door


KOA St Louis West is located off Interstate 44 on business loop 44 in Eureka Missouri. The exact address is:

18475 Old Highway 66
Eureka Missouri 63069
Website Link For Reservations

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