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St Johns River Marina & RV Resort

“Formerly KOA Deland/St Johns River”


St Johns River KOA & Marina is located in Deland Florida. We spent almost a month here and while we accomplished what we set out to do which was relax we realized that this is not your typical KOA.

Where It’s Located

Turning in from State Road 44 you will drive through a public boat ramp area and a park called Ed Stone Park. As you enter, you will see the campground entrance on your right but the signs for check-in will point to the left. The entrance to the campground is gated and you will need a card to enter.

Follow The Signs To The Left

Following the signs to the office you will pass a small section of 11 RV pull-through sites on your right side. The St Johns River will be on your left side. As you pass the RV sites and a parking area you will see a couple of buildings in front of you with the water/docks on your left side. Most are private boats but one of them is a tour boat that does two tours a day down the St Johns River. They are about two hours long.

Directly in front of you would be a bar/grill with an upstairs tiki bar. It was pretty busy during our stay. The restaurant part offers inside and outside seating and the tiki bar offers great views of the St Johns River. On your right side is a building that houses the clubhouse (it was closed due to COVID during our stay), a set of bathrooms, and the KOA office.

Don’t Forget Your Map & Gate Card

The office sold basic stuff like soda, beer, ice cream, and some RV supplies. You could also rent a pontoon boat or kayaks from there. The office staff was pleasant and check-in was a breeze. You receive your site map and gate card but they do not offer escorts. There is no designated parking area when you check in so you just kind of park in between the parking lot and the office.

Our site was in the gated section so after we left the office we hopped back into our truck and had to circle back to the gate. The office area with the 11 pull-throughs and the area we were in was separated by water with full hook-up docking spots you could rent. Once inside the gate, you will see a section of RVs in the “T” section. You would think “T” is for tents but nope they were back-in RV sites with a dumpster centered at the end.

Where’s The Shed?

The site map shows only one side with RV’s and maintenance shed on the other but that’s not what was there during our stay. We would also recommend that if possible you do not take a site in that section as the dumpster area although fenced was a mess. That being said, let’s move on.

As you continue on you will see a boat trailer parking area on your right side and the “R” section on your left. The “R” section consisted of mostly back-in sites with the three at the end being pull-throughs. On the other side of the “R” section were more full hook-up dock spaces.

What Exactly Is A Double Site?

As you continue on you will pass the section we were in, the “D” section. These were all back-in sites. The weird thing about these sites is that when we made our reservation they were listed as double-wide sites. Each site had two electric boxes, two sewers, and two water hook-ups. They were not together. It was almost as if they might try and put someone in that site. If they did you wouldn’t even be able to put your awning out because it would go over your neighbors. We are not really sure why they were set up/numbered like that but no one ever went in these “close” sites. The way it was set up was a little confusing as to which site you belong in.

Loop Around To The Other Side

We had to loop around to the other side of the “D” section to get to our site. The site map lists 18 sites but in actuality, there were only 9. They were so confusing that when we talked to one of our neighbors he told us that he asked to be switched across from the “D” section to one of the back-ins across the street which was part of the “F” section. We pulled into what we figured was our site and had no issues the month we were there. We did have several people come in after us and ask what’s up with the double site numbers…lol

Just My Opinion/There Should Have Been Escorts.

Back to the campground layout. If you were not to loop around like we did and went straight ahead you would head to the back end of the campground. This would be part of the “F” section. Part of the “F” section was contained in an inner loop across from the pool, bathhouse, and laundry room and the other part extended along the far side of the park. Passing this area brings you to a dead-end circular area that housed a few RV sites, a cabin, and what looked to be a workamper RV area.

Flat Fee Instead Of Meters

That’s the basic layout of the campground. All sites were full-hookup sites. If you booked monthly as we did instead of paying metered electric, you paid a flat rate of $120 fee. Our site was fairly level and was all gravel as were most sites. When we first arrived we were told that we were responsible for bringing our own garbage to the dumpster. Halfway through our stay, they changed over to site pick-up which was awesome. They picked up the garbage between 8 am and 10 am.


We have stayed at a lot of KOA’s and as we said in the beginning this one was not typical. First of all the only employee wearing any kind of KOA shirt/uniform was the check-in clerk. Not one cart had any KOA writing on it. As a matter of fact, only one cart was yellow. Instead of the letters “KOA” on it instead, it read “AOK” on the side…lol

Don’t think we are trashing this place because we definitely are not. It just was not the typical KOA campground. As a matter of fact, we enjoyed our stay there. It was quiet, well lit at night, and except for the dumpster area, it was clean. It was fun walking along the docks checking out the boats.

Ed Stone Park

If you walked outside the gate to the boat ramp area and Ed Stone park, you could watch the boats coming in and out of the water. There was also a fishing dock that ran along the St Johns River. Ed Stone Park was a small area with a few picnic tables and bathrooms. It was extremely crowded on the weekends with boat trailers parked everywhere they could squeeze in. One Saturday we decide to do our Walmart Grocery pick-up early and quickly realized that was a mistake. Trucks with boat trailers were everywhere trying to get to the ramps making it difficult to get out onto the main road. Just something to keep in mind if you wanted to go somewhere early Saturday or Sunday mornings. The weekdays were fine.

Where’s My Fire Pit?

Another thing we would like to mention was there were no fire pits at the sites. Fires were permitted and as a matter of fact, they sold fire pits and firewood at the store. The firewood was delivered to your site. They allowed you to receive packages. There was no cable but the internet worked pretty well for a campground. We also had a good Verizon signal.

You might want to bring some kind of table as picnic tables were not at every site. As a matter of fact, when we first backed into our site we had no picnic table. The site next to us was empty so we moved that one over to our site.

Deland is a busy town that is within 15 minutes of the campground. There you will find just about any store or eatery you will ever need.

There was a couple of cool parks close by. One of them being Hontoon Island State Park which we reviewed. You can check out our review of this park by using the link below.

Hontoon Island State Park

Another one that was about 10 minutes away was Beresford Lake Park. Beresford Lake park was a cool little park with paved and unpaved walking paths/trails about 10 minutes away. Look for a review of that one soon.

Site Info

Date Of Stay3/15/21- 4/15/21
Site #D22
NotesSite Fee =$689.67/Taxes=$44.83/Utilities (Flat Fee)=$120

Our Review Summary

KOA Deland/St Johns River

Overall Appearance
Big Rig Friendly
Staff Friendliness
Park Road Condition
Site Size/Condition

Final Thoughts

Although this was not your typical KOA if we were ever in the area again we would certainly not think twice about staying here again. The laundry room and pool area were clean and the park was well lit at night with an added security gate for safety. The staff was friendly and our site was level and we had no electrical, water, or sewer issues.



  • 50 & 30 Amp Full Hook-Up Sites Available
  • Pool
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • 24 Hour Laundry
  • Fenced K-9 Park
  • Good WiFi
  • Good Verizon Signal
  • Boat/Kayak Rentals
  • On-Site Restaraunt & Tiki Bar
  • Gated Entry (Main Section Of RV Park)
  • Camp Store
  • Beautiful Views/Sunsets Of The St Johns River


  • Site Numbers A Bit Confusing & No Escorts
  • Ed Stone Park & Boat Ramp Get Packed On Weekend Mornings Making It Difficult To Leave Or Enter The Park
  • No Fire Rings Provided. Can Be Purchased At The Store
  • Some Spots Had No Picnic Tables
  • Only 1 Cabin For Rent
  • No Tent Sites

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