Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker Review

Who Wants Coffee?

If you know me you know I love my coffee. The day just does not get started without a cup. Sometimes the day does not end without one either…lol

I have had a few Keurig’s and many “Mr. Coffee” style coffee makers over the years. The ease of the Keurig has always been impressive. I used to have one at home and in my office before I retired. The intriguing thing about the Keurig is that whenever you wanted a cup of coffee, you just turned it on, popped in a pod, and selected your cup sized. A minute later you were drinking your coffee.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the “Mr. Coffee” style coffee pots as far as the taste, the ease of use factor goes way down. Getting out a filter, measuring coffee into the filter, filling the pot with the amount of water you needed, then waiting for it to brew just does not cut it for me. On top of that, there was always coffee left over in the pot so it was a little wasteful.

Keurig K-Select

By the time the coffee brews, I can be on my second cup with the Keurig. People used to say that it was much more expensive than the traditional pots. With bulk buying style warehouse, Wal-mart, and of course Amazon, the price per pods has really come down. There is always the option of using the generic basket type pod (sold separately) that you fill yourself if you would still like to use your own coffee.

The other argument I have heard for years is that the Keurig won’t fill my travel mug. Guess what? This unit will fill a 12oz mug!!! How awesome is that? I am a big fan of travel mug drinking. I like to fill my mug and either go to a pond in the campground or just sit outside and enjoy my cup. Now I can.

Universal K-Cup Basket
Universal K-Cup Basket

Not only does it have the 12oz brew size, but it also has a strong brew button if you like your coffee a little stronger. The best part of this coffee maker is its ease of use. There are no digital screens and complicated menus to program. Just pick a size and push the button. It comes with an additional filter for the water reservoir to ensure you wind up with the best-tasting coffee.

It takes up no more room than a standard coffee brewer and has an auto shut off feature. It also has a built-in maintenance remainder for when it’s time to descale the unit.

My only question to myself is, “Why did I wait so long to get one for the RV?”

Manufacturer: Keurig
Pod Compatibility: K-Cup Pods
Brew Sizes: 6,8,10,12oz
Water Capacity: 52oz
Dimensions: 12.5” H x 9.2” W x 11.6” D
Best Value: Amazon

Our Review Summary

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker

Overall Value
Ease Of Set-Up
Easy To Read Buttons/Controls

Final Thoughts

For RVers who love coffee, this machine could be what you are looking for. The choice of different sizes & brew-strength makes this a one size fits all machine. One of the things about this machine that we love the most is if you buy the adapter basket you no longer need to use pods. This means you can choose whatever coffee you enjoy the most in big tubs or bags. This means the coffee is much cheaper per cup and it’s also much better for the environment!!!



  • Fills Up To A 12 Ounce Mug
  • There Is A “Strong Brew” Button
  • It Has A 52 Ounce Water Reservoir
  • It Has A Maintenance Reminder Light
  • With An Adapter Basket, You No Longer Need To Use Pods


  • Slightly Loud While Heating Up/Brewing
  • Reservoir Empties Quickly When Filling Travel Mugs
  • Uses Around 15 Amps While Heating Up/Brewing

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