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When Chris and I were planning our full-time RV lifestyle, we knew we wanted to secure a few different streams of income. We knew we would always have my pension as a base but wanted more. Who wouldn’t, right?

Time For Some Research

We started researching different ways to make money that were location independent. We knew we did not want to stay in any one location for more than 6 months (we are actually working on cutting that down to 2 or 3 months max) so we needed something unique. We looked into a variety of options.

What About An MLM?

One of the options we considered was multi-level marketing or network marketing. It has a business model that could completely satisfy our new lifestyle. The problem was that as we researched the different companies, we also found that many people thought that multi-level marketing is a pyramid scam. So more research was definitely needed to be done. When the research was completed, we decided to move forward. We decided on J.R. Watkins.

What Is J.R. Watkins

Watkins has been around since 1868, for over 150 years. That tells us they are not a fad company (a big problem in the M.L.M. world/here today, gone tomorrow). The company headquarters are in Winona, Minnesota, and that is where they make most of the products. I think the fact that they are “Made in USA” products also says a lot about the integrity of the company.

J.R.Watkins was the original founder of the company. He sold liniment door to door. The company has gone through changes over the years but it’s still committed to making environmentally safe products and more natural products. 

Some of the products that are available through J.R. Watkins are:

  • Spices and seasonings, soup and dip mixes, and other food items
  • Natural laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaners, and other cleaning products
  • Personal care items such as body cleansers and hand lotions
  • Old-time natural remedies including the famous brown Petro Carbo first aid salve, liniment pain relievers, and Menthol Camphor ointment for stuffed noses
  • Gifts items – practical gifts that people love receiving want, and use

Is It Right For You?

Multilevel marketing business is not for everyone and this includes J.R. Watkins. But before you decide against it purely for the reason that you don’t understand the M.L.M. structure, please take a moment to read our page on whether M.L.M is a scam.

Is M.L.M. A Scam

If after reading this you are still unsure or have any questions at all, feel free to contact either me or Chris at:


and we would be more than happy to answer them.

Multiple Ways To Make Money

With a Watkins business, you will not get paid when someone signs up. You will get paid for helping Watkins get more products out of their warehouse and into the hands of customers. You can do that by selling products directly to customers. You can also do that by sponsoring new consultants who use the products. The new consultants may also sell to customers and sponsor others. When you build a team of consultants that are using the products, you are helping to move a lot of products, and Watkins rewards us for that.

As with any other reputable M.L.M. company, there are 2 basic ways to make money. The first way is to sell products. One thing I will say here is if you are going to sell the products you should really be using them. We have been using them and can’t find one we don’t like!!!

Selling The Products

As Independent Watkins Consultants, you will pay wholesale prices, according to your volume. The more of the product you use and sell, the higher your commissions and bonuses.

Several Ways To Sell

If you choose to sell the products there are several ways to do it. You can pass around catalogs and take orders. You can send people to one of the 2 websites they give you (no cost to you for the websites). You can set up at fairs. You can teach a class on the importance of using plant-based environmentally friendly cleaners and then recommend Watkins home care. These are just a few of the ways to retail products.

Use The Products You Sell

As a Watkins rep, you don’t spend money on products you don’t need. You simply change brands. Instead of buying other brands, you buy Watkins brands from your own online store. Imagine that, getting paid to use awesome products!!! You will quickly develop favorites. We sure have!!!

You can choose to sell or not. You choose how, when, and how much to sell. If you don’t want to sell Watkins products, you don’t have to sell them. That’s where the other arm of the business comes in, the one that doesn’t require sales to other people — team building.

What Is Team Building?

If you decide selling is not your thing, you can work the other part of this business. Team building. If you decide to team build you will sign other people up. In doing so, they will have the same choices as you did. Sell, sponsor, or just use the products personally.

We All Work Together

The great thing about a Watkins business is everyone wants to help you succeed. We have been Watkins Consultants for 3 years and are still learning every day. If you ask us a question that we don’t know the answer to, there are field executives that we can turn to that will have the answers. No one is stepping on your back to climb the corporate ladder. Everyone wants everyone to succeed. We all work together!!!

How Can I Learn More

No worries. There is never any pressure. You are welcome to send either me or Chris an e-mail with any specific questions. What we would suggest is that before you make any final decisions check out our J.R. Watkins website. Now don’t panic!!! There is no obligation or secret catches to check out this website. Just an in-depth look at the way this whole thing works.

No Obligation/No Secret Catches

The beauty of this website is you can visit it once or a hundred times. There are no limits or secret catches. If you still have any questions after checking out the website, please e-mail me or Chris and we will be glad to help you.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

It costs $29.95 to register and start your business — a business you can do while traveling. $29.95 gets you the membership to buy at wholesale and to make referrals (sponsor new members). It also gets you 2 personalized websites. Your customers can order products from your website. They may also join the business under you from the website. Your membership also includes extensive training with a personalized training web site, regular conference calls, and webinars, and help from me and Chris.

A Recap Of What You Get

  • No cost to you for any of the websites.
  • No mandatory monthly fees of any kind.
  • No minimum order size.
  • No required purchases.
  • Order what you want, when you want, as much or as little at a time as you want.
  • No territories — you have the entire USA and Canada.
  • Watkins will ship directly to your customer.
  • They’ll ship your order to you anywhere, and you can change that with every order if you want.

All this for a start-up fee that is less than what you spend on coffee for 1 month!!!

Listed below are our websites that are included in your yearly Watkins membership fee. Obviously, your websites will have your name. One site will focus on selling the products and one will focus on sponsoring new members. Click the links below to see our sites.

 If You Are Interested In Selling Watkins Products

Watkins Products

If You Want To Build a Watkins Business without Selling Products

Watkins Clock

Be Sure To Visit Our Watkins Monthly News And Updates Page For Up To The Minute Watkins News And Specials

Watkins Monthly Update Page

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